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Criminal attempt,
Criminal solicitation,
Criminal conspiracy
19  cards
Criminal homicide,
Any aggravated assault,
Stalking m1 if involved with viol...
13  cards
misdemeanor 1
Simple assault,
Terroristic threats,
Stalking c 1
8  cards
Title 18 (every chapter combined)
Simple assault,
Aggravated assault,
Terroristic threats
141  cards
Blah blah blah
1  cards
title 18 (ch. 27) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Simple assault,
Aggravated assault,
Terroristic threats
12  cards
title 18 (ch. 28-29) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Interference with custody of chil...
5  cards
title 18 (ch.31) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Statutory sexual assault,
Involuntary deviate sexual interc...
8  cards
title 18 (ch. 33) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Arson and related offenses,
Criminal mischief,
Criminal mischief
4  cards
title 18 (ch. 35) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Criminal trespass,
Defiant trespasser
5  cards
title 18 (ch. 37) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Robbery of motor vehicle
2  cards
title 18 (ch. 39) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Theft by unlawful taking or dispo...,
Arrest without warrant,
Financial exploitation of an olde...
12  cards
title 18 (ch. 41) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Tampering with records or identif...,
Bad checks
6  cards
title 18 (ch. 43) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Concealing death of child
5  cards
title 18 (ch. 47) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Bribery in official and political...,
Threats and other improper influe...,
Retaliation for past official action
3  cards
title 18 (ch. 49) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
False swearing,
Unsworn falsification to authorities
13  cards
title 18 (ch. 51) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Obstructing administration of law...,
Resisting arrest or other law enf...,
Disarming law enforcement officer
10  cards
title 18 (ch. 53 and 55 and 57) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Disorderly conduct,
Public drunkenness and similar mi...,
11  cards
title 18 (ch. 59) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Open lewdness,
Prostitution and related offenses,
Obscene and other sexual material...
3  cards
title 18 (ch. 61) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Crimes committed with firearms,
Evidence of intent,
Persons not to possess use manufa...
12  cards
title 18 (ch.61 pt.2) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Loans on or lending or giving fir...,
False evidence of identity,
Altering or obliterating marks of...
10  cards
title 18 (ch. 63) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Corruption of minors,
Sale and use of air rifles,
Sale of tobacco products
19  cards
title 18 (ch. 65 and 73, 75, 76) INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS
Scattering rubbish,
Public nuisances,
Incendiary devices
5  cards
Title 18 (grading of thefts) S. 3903
Felony of the second degree,
Felony of the third degree,
Felony of the first degree
4  cards
crime chapters names
Ch 30,
Ch 27,
Ch 29
19  cards

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