criminal law

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Duress by threats
What type of law is it,
Threat of,
Threat can include
13  cards
Duress of circumstances
Common law or statute,
Scope of defence,
Two part martin test
6  cards
Defining Crime
What did lord atkin define crime as,
What are the two elements of crime,
What new crime did r v r make
3  cards
Criminal liability
What did edward coke state,
What will most crimes have,
What must the two elements be com...
3  cards
Defending crime
When can the defendant not be guilty,
What can the defendant do if he d...,
What are the two types of defences
5  cards
Proving criminal liability
What is the defendant,
What does innocent until proven g...,
What is the standard of proof
4  cards
Theory of criminal liability
What is the basis for criminalisi...,
Who does the idea of harm as the ...,
What did hla hart say was another...
8  cards
Principles in formulating rules of law
What does fair labelling mean,
Why is fair labelling important 2,
What is fair labelling essential for
9  cards
Actus reus
What does actus reus usually rela...,
How must the defendant be acting ...,
Key case for acting voluntarily
17  cards
Mens rea
What is the highest level of fault,
What are the three other levels o...,
What is direct intent
22  cards
Contemporaneity rule
What does contemporaneously mean,
What is the general rule,
What do judges do sometimes regar...
4  cards
What type of offence is it,
Who does the definition originate...,
What did edward coke define it as
16  cards
Loss of control
What are the two defences,
What do the defences reduce a con...,
Are the defences full or partial ...
23  cards
Diminished responsibility
What does section 52 of the coron...,
What is the four stage test,
When should the judge withdraw th...
12  cards
Unlawful and dangerous act manslaughter
What is the actus reus of unlawfu...,
What must the killing be the resu...,
R v lowe
11  cards
Gross negligence manslaughter
What is gross negligence manslaug...,
What is the key case,
What is the test called
18  cards
Where does the definition of assa...,
What type of offence is it,
What is the definition of assault
16  cards
Common law or statute,
Where does definition come from,
What is the definition
12  cards
Assault/battery occasioning ABH
What is the act,
Is it statute or common law,
Indictable or summary
14  cards
Section 20 Wounding and GBH
What does a conviction under s 20...,
What is is triable
17  cards
Section 18 Wounding and GBH
Is it more or less serious than s 20,
Indictable or summary
7  cards
What is the act,
What is the section,
Definition of theft
27  cards
What is the act,
Definition of robbery,
11  cards
What is the act,
What is the definition,
What must an attempt be
16  cards
Insanity/Insane Automatism
What type of defence is it,
Definition of insanity,
What are the two procedural rules
21  cards
Automatism/Non-insane Automatism
Definition of automatism,
Why is it a defence,
Who has the evidential burden of ...
15  cards
Why is it a defence,
What are the two types of intoxic...,
Voluntary intoxication
13  cards
What type of defence is it,
What type of law is it,
Definition of self defence
18  cards
0  cards

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