canon law

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Latin words and phrases in Canon Law
Memorize a few common and important latin words and phrases from the CIC 1983
57  cards
Big canons of book 2 part 1
memorize numbers of big canons in book 2 of the CIC 83
11  cards
What is the difference about the ...,
The difference between episcopal ...,
Primary function of the chancellor
7  cards
Roman Law Definitions from Notes
Ius gentium,
Ius civile,
Ius praetorian
81  cards
Comps Questions (Hastings Notes)
This is a summative review of the year.
160  cards
Processes 2 Canons
1 when the proofs have been assem...,
In judicis animo moralis certitudo
2  cards
TOC Book I & Book 2 part 1
memorize the table of contents for the CIC 1983.
44  cards
TOC Book II part 2
Memorize the TOC
38  cards
Christian Faithful Questions (Hastings Notes)
This is a summary of Astigueta's class.
25  cards
Munus Sanctificandi - Kowal (Prepared: Hastings)
General components of validity,
Baptism matter and form,
Confirmation matter and form
63  cards
TOC Book II part 3
Memorize the TOC
24  cards
Big canons of General Norms
Promulgation through acta apostol...,
Irritantes aut inhabilitantesquib...,
Legibus mere ecclesiasticis tenen...
11  cards
Munus Docendi - Astigueta (Prepared: Hastings)
Working definition ordinary magis...,
Working definition extraordinary ...,
Working definition universal magi...
103  cards
The teaching function of the church,
The ministry of the divine word,
The preaching of the word of god
11  cards
General Norms 1
learn basic definitions used or assumed throughout the CIC 83
92  cards
TOC Book IV part 1
The sanctifying function of the c...,
The sacraments,
54  cards
De Ministris Sacris seu de Clericis - Ghirlanda (Prepared: Hastings)
C 2411 what admits to a seminary,
C 2411 who is admitted to a seminary,
C 2411 why is the ratio legis so ...
36  cards
Teaching mission (dill)
3 conditions for infallibility ca...,
What is infallible teaching 5 things,
Can 211
40  cards
General Norms 2
Master concepts in General Norms II
66  cards
De Ordine - Ghirlanda (The Canonical Oracle) (Prepared: Hastings)
1008 from among whom are the sacr...,
1008 what is the significance of ...,
1008 what three things happen to ...
68  cards
Laity and Associations of the Faithful
To master the basic concepts regarding Laity and Associations of the Faithful.
52  cards
Titles of the code by Book, Part and Section.
Book 1 de normis generalibus list...,
Book 2 de populo dei list the 3 p...,
Book 2 part i de christifidelibus...
16  cards
De Suprema Ecclesiae Auctoritate - Ghirlanda (Prepared: Hastings)
What is the principle of economy,
Talk about the nota explicativa p...,
330 how is it that st peter and t...
82  cards
Sacred Ministers
Minimum staff at a seminary,
2 minute explanation for the dist...,
Canons regarding spiritual direct...
37  cards
Associations - Astigueta (Prepared: Hastings)
How does one become a legal physi...,
How does one become a legal jurid...,
What is the basic characteristic ...
32  cards
De Ordine 1008-1054
What happened to can 1009 in 2009,
Document that changed cann 1008 a...,
Confusion in using the term ordo ...
19  cards
Process Law
Moral certitude,
5 parts or elements of a trial
64  cards
TOC by 1st Number
Rapid TOC Recall
43  cards
Sanchez - Curia and Parish (Prepared: Hastings)
What is a diocesan synod c 460,
Name some who must be called and ...,
What legislative power is exercis...
28  cards
Marriage (1055-1165)
4 hearts levels of marriage,
Conditions for favor of faith 5,
Conditions for the pauline privil...
21  cards
Temporal Goods (cann. 1254-1310) book V
Administrator or superior,
Annual report
40  cards
Book 6 Sanctions in the Church (cann. 1311-1399)
Perpetual expiatory penalties,
Prescription for penal cases crim...
34  cards
Books I & II Definitions
Juridical act,
93  cards
Impediments and Irregularities for Ordination
6 irregularites
4  cards

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