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cardiac disorders pt. 1
What 3 conditions fall under acut...,
What are the 3 vascular disorders,
What are the pump pool and pipes
22  cards
cardiac disorders pt. 2
What are some immediate treatment...,
Cardiac output ____ x _____,
What is stroke volume determined by
53  cards
cardiac disorders pt. 3
Impairment of the abilityof the v...,
What can heart failure result from,
What is a complication of hf that...
49  cards
cardiac med sheet
Ace is,
Beta blockers
13  cards
Volume of blood ejected by the he...,
How to measure cardiac index,
Cardiac output vs cardiac index
38  cards
What does the p wave represent,
What does the pr interval represent,
What does the qrs complex represent
15  cards
What does cardiogenic shock resul...,
Symptoms of cardiogenic shock,
Heart rate in cardiogenic shock
61  cards
pulmonary pt. 1
What is the membrane lining the c...,
What is the membrane lining the l...,
What decreases surface tension in...
34  cards
pulmonary pt. 2
How many liters can a nasal cannu...,
How many liters can a high flow n...,
Intrapulmonary causes of resp fai...
21  cards
pulmonary pt. 3
What does the abcdef bundle do,
Abcdef bundle meaning,
Lipid based short acting anesthetic
33  cards
pulmonary pt. 4
When do they start considering sw...,
When does terminal vent weaning w...,
Methods of vent withdrawal
32  cards
more ABGs
Ph 729pco2 68hco3 24po2 70o2 sat 80,
Ph 738pco2 52hco3 32po2 76o2 sat 85,
Ph 743pco2 30hco3 18po2 80o2 sat 95
5  cards
fluid & electrolytes (worksheet/basics)
Weight in oliguric phase of acute...,
Total fluid balance in oliguric p...,
Urine output in oliguric phase of...
95  cards
specific electrolytes
Which electrolyte is essential fo...,
How is potassium maintained,
Where is most potassium located
41  cards
atrial dysrhythmias
Early p wave that may be inverted...,
What can cause pacs,
Describe rhythm in pac
33  cards
neuro pt. 1
What makes up the cns,
What are the 3 layers of the meni...,
What is the space between the sku...
42  cards
neuro pt. 2 (SAH)
What are the 3 hematoma hemorrhag...,
Bleeding into the subarachnoid space,
What is a subarachnoid hemorrhage...
32  cards
neuro pt. 2 (TBI/concussion/hematoma)
What stage of tbi is when injury ...,
What stage of tbi are problems re...,
Examples of secondary complicatio...
44  cards
neuro pt. 3
Physical symptoms of inc icp,
Treatment goals of inc icp,
What are the 3 treatments for inc...
23  cards
GI (liver)
Describe patho related to portal htn,
Important functions of the liver,
What lab is most reflective of li...
44  cards
GI (pancreas/HHS)
Which fxn of the pancreas relates...,
Which fxn of the oancreas realtes...,
What happens when digestive enzym...
18  cards
GI (abd injury/spleen)
Life threatening conditions relat...,
Which abd trauma has no open wound,
3 main causes of blunt abd trauma
17  cards
Are p waves present in a pvc,
Describe qrs in pvc,
Causes of pvcs
30  cards

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