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Aircraft General
The overall length of the crj 900 is,
The crj 900 wing span is,
The engine exhaust danger area fo...
51  cards
CRJ 700/900 Electrical
The main aircraft generators supp...,
What is the apu generator rated at,
What is the 28vdc supplied by
42  cards
The apu supplies pneumatic power for,
The apu is equipped with a,
The apu ecu controls the apu during
30  cards
Power plant
The variable geometry va system v...,
The cf34 8c5 with apr has a thrus...,
What engine model is on the crj 9...
37  cards
The pilot can cancel sink rate ad...,
The gpws will not alert the fligh...,
The glide slope aural alert can b...
7  cards
Environmental Control System
Ram air ventilation is used only ...,
The right hand pack normally supp...,
Flight compartment exhaust air in...
28  cards
General Flash Cards
Max runway slopes for takeoff and...,
Max altitude for extending flaps,
Max operating altitude
107  cards
With the switch in the auto posit...,
Pump 3b is automatically running ...,
What is normal hydraulic system p...
32  cards
Flight Controls
The purpose of aileron flutter da...,
What aids the crew in directional...,
What hydraulic system powers the ...
27  cards
The naca scoops are what,
Where is the a c fuel,
How are fuel system faults annunc...
22  cards
Oral & Systems
While flying in cruise level the ...,
What s dc battery time limit with...,
If the system above is still not ...
22  cards
Emergency Equipt.
The flight compartment oxygen bot...,
The aircraft has how many indepen...,
The flight compartment oxygen bot...
15  cards
EP Memorization Items
Configuration warnings take off,
Eng overspeed,
Asymmetric braking loss of braking
12  cards
The mask boom switch is located,
Where are the audio control panel...,
Where is the elt located
17  cards
Ice And Rain
The left and right pitot static p...,
Bleed air is used for,
When the wshld switch is set to low
11  cards
Landing Gear
With the aircraft on the ground w...,
Which hydraulic system is used to...,
During the landing gear retractio...
22  cards
Systems Questions
The apu is located in the,
Maximum apu start altitude,
What is the bleed air source for ...
57  cards
Normal Takeoff
After thrust set,
Toga runway heading verified stan...,
12  cards
Engine start fo flow,
Before start fo flow,
After start
10  cards
Basic Memory Inspections
Cockpit safety inspection cfm 412,
External safety inspection,
Explain the firex test
4  cards
Random Notes
What should you do if you get an ...,
If you forget to turn on the ice ...,
What controls the starting and st...
60  cards

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