crj-900 mesa cl-65 study - updated to latest study guide (feb 3rd 2023)

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Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
After takeoff or go around the au...,
During visual and non precision a...,
During precision approaches the a...
20  cards
Air Conditioning and Pressurization
Normal pressure differential is,
Max pressure differential is,
Max pressure differential during ...
18  cards
What is vmo,
What is mmo,
What is mmo during flight in rvsm...
20  cards
Avionics and Flight Instruments
How many air data computers adc a...,
How many ahrs or irs computers ar...,
In mag mode how long does it take...
26  cards
Auxiliary Power Unit
Max permissible load on the apu g...,
Max altitude for starting the apu,
Max altitude for apu operation
13  cards
What is the wingspan,
What is the height of the tail,
Minimum obstacle clearance for 18...
7  cards
Location of main battery,
Location of the apu battery,
Max engine generator load
32  cards
The 115v ac external power recept...,
Where is the main battery located,
Where is the apu battery located
5  cards
Fire Protection
How many fire detection loops are...,
How many firex bottles are availa...,
What type of halon is in the engi...
20  cards
Flight Controls
Which yoke is connected to the ri...,
Which yoke is connected to the le...,
How are the ailerons elevators an...
29  cards
Fuel System
How is the fuel moved from the ce...,
How is the fuel moved from the ma...,
How is the fuel moved from the co...
20  cards
Hydraulic System
How many separate hydraulic syste...,
Hydraulic systems 1 2 and 3 norma...,
Low pressure caution occurs at wh...
16  cards
Ice and Rain Protection
What is the source of heating for...,
When is cowl anti ice required to...,
When is cowl anti ice required to...
10  cards
What type of floatation equipment...,
What type of floatation equipment...,
How many life vests are in the fl...
13  cards
Landing Gear, Brakes, Nose Wheel Steering
How is the main landing gear held...,
How is the nose gear held in the ...,
Do the forward nose gear doors re...
17  cards
Oil System
Min oil temperature for start,
Max continuous oil temperature,
Max permissible oil temperature
10  cards
What is the crj 900 powerplant mo...,
What is the thrust rating without...,
What is the max ambient air tempe...
57  cards
What are the engine starter crank...,
What are the dry motoring limits,
What are the apu starter limits
3  cards
Weights And Loading
Max ramp weight,
Max takeoff weight crj900,
Max landing weight
13  cards
CRJ900 Systems Questions
Maximum apu bleed air extraction is,
What is the maximum available ste...,
Which of the following are not de...
60  cards
What are the 4 ac busses,
Ac bus 1 priority system,
Ac bus 2 priority system
8  cards
Emergency Equipment
What type of flotation equipment ...,
What type of floatation equipment...,
Where are the first aid and enhan...
29  cards
Emergency Procedures Memory Items
Checklist Memory Items KNOW ALL QRH RED ITEMS.
12  cards
Standard emergency briefing,
Standard takeoff briefing,
Standard approach briefing
4  cards
Overhead Panel (Textual)
Electrical power panel what does ...,
Electrical power panel what light...,
Electrical power panel regarding ...
45  cards
Oral Study Guide
Where does the dc service switch ...,
Why do we not leave the airplane ...,
With the battery master switch on...
46  cards
Oral Prep
I have not fully vetted this, please report any errors
249  cards
Oral Prep - gouge
Weight and balance with weigh shift,
Required landing distance calcula...,
Main passenger door limits
87  cards
Overhead Panel Overhead Panel (Pictorial)
Electrical power panel what does ...,
Electrical power panel what light...,
Electrical power panel regarding ...
45  cards
Callouts (Profiles) LONG FORM
Updated And Corrected 4/10/19
19  cards
Where are the vhf communication a...,
Will the flight deck pa override ...,
How are the flight attendants con...
5  cards
GOM (May not be 100% up to date)
What documents equipment are requ...,
What are the current revisions to...,
Can dispatch occur with only one ...
104  cards
Overhead Panel - AQP
What does turning on the dc servi...,
Battery master switch on does what,
When does the avail light for the...
31  cards

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