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Chapter 1 Checkpoint
True or false electronic componen...,
True or false screens for desktop...,
True or false smaller application...
40  cards
Chapter 1 Notes Pt. 1
True or false because technology ...,
Involves having a current knowled...,
An electronic device operating un...
28  cards
Chapter 1 Notes Pt. 2
_________ also called a program t...,
Software also called a ________ t...,
What are the 2 types of software
16  cards
Chapter 3 Notes Pt. 1
______ a thin lightweight mobile ...,
What are the 2 types of tablets,
What are the 3 types of servers
32  cards
Chapter 3 Notes Pt. 2
The point at which a peripheral d...,
Port the point at which a _______...,
Port the point at which a periphe...
13  cards
Chapter 3 Checkpoint
True or false malware authors foc...,
True or false although they can s...,
True or false most traditional an...
46  cards
Chapter 6 Notes Pt. 1
The _____ protects the circuitry ...,
The ___________ is the main circu...,
A __________ _____ contains integ...
24  cards
Chapter 6 Notes Pt. 2
Consists of electronic components...,
What is ram short for,
What are the basic categories of ...
25  cards
Chapter 6 Checkpoint
True or false a slate tablet typi...,
True or false on a personal compu...,
True or false a dual core process...
40  cards
Chapter 4 Notes
True or false the word program an...,
Consists of a series of related i...,
Consists of programs designed to ...
32  cards
Chapter 4 Checkpoint
True or false application softwar...,
True or false each time you start...,
True or false open source softwar...
40  cards
Chapter 7 Checkpoint
True or false caps lock and num l...,
True or false kiosks are designed...,
True or false motion input is uti...
40  cards
Chapter 7 Notes Pt. 1
A small symbol on the screen whos...,
A pointing device that fits under...,
What are the 3 types of mouses
39  cards
Chapter 7 Notes Pt. 2
A light sensing input device that...,
A device that uses a light source...,
What are the 2 technologies used ...
41  cards
Chapter 8 Notes
A _________ ________ is the physi...,
The hardware that records and or ...,
________ is the process of transf...
28  cards
Chapter 4 terms
Consists of programs designed to ...,
The operating system and other to...,
Has been donated for public use a...
27  cards
Chapter 7 terms
A small symbol on the screen whos...,
A small flat rectangular pointing...,
A stationary pointing device with...
18  cards
Chapter 8 and 9 terms
Storage device that includes one ...,
The process of transferring these...,
The process of transferring data ...
21  cards
Chapter 8 Checkpoint
True or false storage device can ...,
True or false a storage medium is...,
True or false compared with the a...
40  cards
Chapter 9 Checkpoint
True or false operating system pr...,
True or false the kernel is nonre...,
True or false most users today wo...
30  cards
Chapter 11 Checkpoint
True or false the more errors dat...,
True or false in a data hierarchy...,
True or false a field size determ...
40  cards
Chapter 2 Checkpoint
True or false no single person or...,
True or false the w3c is responsi...,
True or false users typically pay...
57  cards
Chapter 10 Checkpoint
True or false all types of comput...,
True or false on a client server ...,
True or false on a p2p network ea...
39  cards
Chapter 5 Checkpoint
True or false any illegal act inv...,
True or false some malware contai...,
True or false a rootkit displays ...
55  cards
Chapter 2 Notes Part 1
Who is tim berners,
Tim berners also came up with the...,
With _____ __________ a computer ...
32  cards
Chapter 2 Notes Pt. 2
_______ ________ can help to refi...,
What are the different types of s...,
Which type of search operator is ...
24  cards
Chapter 5 Notes Pt. 1
A group of compromised computers ...,
A botnet composed computer or dev...,
_______ ___ _______ _______ ____ ...
35  cards
Chapter 5 Notes Pt. 2
True or false wireless access pos...,
Some intruders intercept and moni...,
Refers to the right of individual...
14  cards
Chapter 11/2 Terms
Aka database software users creat...,
A combination of oen or more rela...,
A group of related fields
42  cards
Chapter 5 Terms
Online or internet based illegal ...,
Someone who accesses a computer o...,
Someone who accesses a computer o...
39  cards

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