cs6200 graduate intro to operating systems

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P1L2 Introduction to Operating Systems
Operating systems _____ resource,
Operating systems _____ hardware ...
4  cards
P2L1 Processes and Process Management
What is a process control block a...,
Each time the swapping between pr...,
The pcb data structure is created...
17  cards
P2L2 Threads and Concurrency
Visual metaphor,
Thread vs process,
6  cards
An Introduction to Programming with Threads by Andrew D. Birrell
A thread is a straightforward con...,
Having multiple threads in a prog...,
Having the threads execute within...
6  cards
P2L3 PThreads
0  cards
P2L4 Thread Design Considerations - Data Structures and Management
Threads can be supported at user ...,
Supporting threads at the kernel ...,
Supporting threads at the user le...
51  cards
P2L4 Thread Design Considerations - Signals and Interrupts
Signals and interrupts i,
Signals and interrupts ii,
Signals and interrupts iii
22  cards
P2L4 Thread Design Considerations - Tasks in Linux
Definition of task,
A single threaded process,
9  cards
Midterm Review Questions
3 roles of os,
Hide hardware,
Manage underlying hardware resources
36  cards
Sample Midterm
Turned sample midterm into flashcards
3  cards
P2L4 Thread Design Considerations - Interrupts and Signals with Threads
Interrupt as thread,
Dynamic thread creation is expensive,
Top and bottom halves of signal h...
11  cards
P2L5 Thread Performance Considerations
Which is better,
Threads useful i,
What is useful
22  cards
P3L1 Scheduling - Introduction
Visual metaphor,
As in the toy shop manager metaph...,
The cpu scheduler decides how and...
12  cards
P3L1 Scheduling - Run to Completion
What is run to completion scheduling,
List 4 metrics used to compare sc...,
The first and the simplest algori...
5  cards
P3L1 Scheduling - Preemptive, Priority, Round Robin
Interrupting a task running on th...,
Sjf preemptive,
Sjf priority
11  cards
P3L1 Scheduling - Timeslices
Timeslice fill in the blanks,
Timeslice definitions,
Timeslice shortened
21  cards
P3L1 Scheduling - Design
True or false the runqueue is,
The runqueue data structure is de...,
3  cards
P3L1 - Linux Schedulers: O(1) vs CFS
The linux o 1 scheduler gets its ...,
Linux o 1 is a preemptive priorit...,
User processes have priorities in...
18  cards
P3L1 - Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Since the performance of processe...,
Define cache affinity,
To achieve cache affinity we can ...
5  cards
P3L1 - Hyperthreading
True or false the reason why we h...,
Other names,
Hardware architects have realized...
16  cards
P3L2 Memory Management - Introduction
Visual metaphor,
The range of the virtual addresse...,
Allocation or arbitration
18  cards
P3L2 Memory Management - Page Tables
Page tables are used to convert t...,
The sizes of the pages in virtual...,
We only translate the first virtu...
15  cards
P3L2 Memory Management - Page Table Size
In a 32 bit architecture how many...,
In a 32 bit architecture with pag...,
In a 32 bit architecture with pag...
21  cards
P3L2 Memory Management - Memory Allocation
Kernel level allocators are respo...,
Name two challenges for the memor...,
The linux kernel relies on two ma...
12  cards
P3L3 Inter Process Communication - Intro
Visual metaphoripc is like,
Inter process communication ipc r...,
Define inter process communicatio...
21  cards
P3L3 Inter Process Communication - SysV
The operating system treats share...,
True or false re sysv the operati...,
True or false re sysv the operati...
5  cards
P3L4 Synchronization - Intro
Visual metaphor,
How is a spinlock different from ...,
True or false if a semaphore is i...
7  cards
P3L4 Synchronization - Spinlocks
Paper the alternatives for spin lock,
True or false for small critical ...,
Does the following implementaion ...
19  cards
P4L1 Remote Procedure Calls
Name 3 benefits of rpc,
Name 4 rpc requirements,
List the 9 rpc steps
8  cards

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