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Ch 10 - Peds: Genetics and Milestones
What are signs of trisomy 21 down...,
What are signs of trisomy 18 edwa...,
What are signs of trisomy 13 patu...
10  cards
Ch 10- Peds: Limb Deficiencies
What is a transverse limb deficiency,
What is a longitudinal limb defic...,
What is acheiria
34  cards
Ch 10 - Peds: Bone and Joint Diseases
What are treatments for club foot,
What is bowleg,
What is blounts disease
36  cards
Ch 10 - Peds: CTD, Burns, Cancer
What is the mc connective tissue ...,
Describe iridocyclitis in pauciar...,
Describe iridocyclitis in pauciar...
28  cards
Ch 10 - Peds: TBI and CP
What does not indicate severity o...,
What can result in greater sheari...,
What are causes of neonatal brach...
45  cards
Ch 10 - Peds: Spina Bifida and NMD
Where are the highest and lowest ...,
What is spina bifida occulta,
What is the mc sc level involved ...
39  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Pathophysiology
What is the mcc of head injury in...,
What is the single mcc of death a...,
What is the married status of pat...
50  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Disorders of Consciousness
What is consciousness a function of,
How does coma appear on eeg,
What is the clinical presentation...
14  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Prognosis
Describe the motor response score...,
Describe the verbal response scor...,
Describe the eye opening scores f...
37  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Medical Management
When is ct head mandatory gcs level,
When can mri brain be useful in tbi,
What sedating medications can del...
94  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Posttraumatic Agitation
What is posttraumatic agitation,
What are characteristics of postt...,
How long does posttraumatic agita...
43  cards
Ch 2 - TBI: Mild TBI and Postconcussion syndrome
What is the definition of a mild tbi,
Mild tbi does not exceed the foll...,
What in found on ct mri head in m...
38  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Shoulder
Describe normal rom of the shoulder,
Describe muscles and innervation ...,
Describe muscles and innervation ...
148  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Upper Extremity Fractures
Describe the moi of scapular frac...,
What are fracture sites of the sc...,
What imaging can be used to diagn...
67  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Elbow
Describe elbow rom,
Describe muscles and innervation ...,
Describe muscles and innervation ...
49  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Wrist
Describe the rom of the wrist,
What is the proximal row of carpa...,
What is the distal row of carpal ...
27  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Hand
Describe the flexion rom of the d...,
Describe the extension rom of the...,
Describe the abduction rom of the...
32  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Hip and Pelvis
What are the 5 joints of the pelv...,
What is the angle between the fem...,
What is coxa vara
76  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Lower Extremity Fractures
What are nonmodifiable risk facto...,
What are modifiable risk factors ...,
What is the incidence of vte in h...
52  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Knee Anatomy & Clinical Tests
Describe normal rom of the knee,
Describe muscles and innervation ...,
Describe muscles and innervation ...
51  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Knee Pathology
What are meniscal injuries associ...,
What sports are medial meniscal i...,
What sports are lateral meniscal ...
74  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Lower Leg
What are the muscles and innervat...,
What are the muscles and innervat...,
What are the muscles and innervat...
42  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Ankle and Foot
What is the most commonly injured...,
What is the primary lateral ankle...,
What are the lateral ankle ligaments
90  cards
Ch 4 - MSK: Spine
What is the clinical course of di...,
What are the red flags of low bac...,
What is the expected return to wo...
16  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Introduction
What is a cerebrovascular event,
What is a transient ischemic attack,
What are nonmodifiable risk facto...
28  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Types
Where do most internal carotid ar...,
What causes occular infarction,
What is amaurosis fugax
76  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Diagnostics
How does an infarct appear on ct,
When does an infarct appear on ct,
How does an infarct appear on mri
20  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Medical Treatment
What should be done immediately t...,
Which ivf should be avoiding in s...,
What is the treatment of hypoglyc...
41  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Rehabilitation
What are predictors of poor progn...,
What is step 1 of the brunnstrom ...,
What is step 2 of the brunnstrom ...
49  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Dysphagia
What types of strokes are dysphag...,
When is dysphagia more commonly seen,
What is the mcc of dysphagia
47  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Aphasia
What are the types of fluent aphasia,
What are the types of nonfluent a...,
What is the location of wernickes...
35  cards
Ch 1 - Stroke: Name the Lesion
Where is the lesion,
Where is the lesion,
Where is the lesion
20  cards
Ch 7 - SCI: Epidemiology and Anatomy
What is the incidence of sci in t...,
What is the prevelance of sci in ...,
What is the average age of injury...
35  cards
Ch 7 - SCI: Spinal Pathology
What is the moi of cervical compr...,
What is the most common cervical ...,
What is seen on xray in cervical ...
38  cards
Ch 7 - SCI: SCI Classification
Describe tetraplegia,
Describe paraplegia,
What is a dermatome
72  cards
Ch 7 - SCI: Medical Complications
What are sci t6 and above patient...,
What are sci t8 and above patient...,
What is orthostatic hypotension
116  cards
Ch 7 - SCI: Pain, Pressure Ulcer
What is nociceptive pain,
What is neuropathic pain,
What is the mc joint affected by ...
31  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetics and Orthotics: Gait Analysis
What is stride length,
What is step length,
Two phases of the gait cycle and ...
63  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetics and Orthotics: Amputation and Upper Limb Prosthetics
What are the main causes of amput...,
What is age is the greatest risk ...,
What is the mortality rate of ind...
59  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Lower Limb
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is ankle brachial index abi,
What are the scales of ankle brac...
126  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Complications and Gait Deviations
What is follicullitis,
How should follicullitis be treated,
How should boils and abscesses be...
39  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Assistive Devices and Shoes
What can canes provide,
For what disabilities should cane...,
Difference between crutch and a cane
33  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Lower Limb Orthoses
Where is the cog while standing,
What is the line of gravity weigh...,
How many points of pressure are n...
39  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: LE Orthoses for Pressure Redistribution
Where does a patellar tendon bear...,
Where does an ischial weight bear...,
Describe a patten bottom orthosis
9  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Upper Limb Orthoses
What are the 3 categories of uppe...,
What is an opponens orthosis used...,
Describe an opponens orthosis
20  cards
Ch 6 - Prosthetic and Orthotics: Spinal Orthoses
What does a soft cervical collar ...,
What are indications of a soft ce...,
What is the maximum amount of tim...
27  cards
Ch 5 - EDX Neuromuscular Anatomy/Physiology
Where is the cell body of a motor...,
Where is the cell body of a senso...,
What is an axon
29  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Pathophysiology
What is demyelination,
What is conduction block,
How does conduction block present...
28  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Clinical Instrumentation
What does the cathode of the stim...,
What does the anode of the stimul...,
What is anodal block
22  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: NCS
What does onset latency reflect i...,
What does the peak latency represent,
What is conduction velocity
79  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: EMG
What does needle emg assess,
What does insertional activity re...,
When is increased insertional act...
103  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Radiculopathy
What is a radiculopathy,
What is the presentation of radic...,
Why are sensory complaints mc in ...
49  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Plexopathies
What is a plexopathy,
How do plexopathies present,
What are common etiologies of ple...
78  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Upper Limb Mononeuropathy
Describe the pathway of the media...,
What does the median nerve innerv...,
What does the median nerve innerv...
89  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Lower Limb Mononeuropathy
Describe the course of the latera...,
What is meralgia parasthetica,
What are etiologies of lateral fe...
62  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Peripheral Polyneuropathy
What can be affected in periphera...,
What is the presentation of a dif...,
What is the presentation of a mul...
91  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: NMJ Disorders
What is myasthenia gravis mg,
What is lambert eaton myasthenic ...,
What can be added to typical edx ...
44  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Myopathies
What is dystrophin,
What does mutation of dystrophin ...,
What is myotonia
89  cards
Ch 5 - EDX: Motor Neuron Disease (MND)
What is affected in motor neuron ...,
What are examples of lower motor ...,
What are examples of lower and up...
46  cards
Ch 11- Pain Medicine: Terminology
Acute pain,
Chronic pain,
Complex regional pain syndrome crps
31  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Medicine: Opioid Pharmacology
What are the presynaptic actions ...,
What are the postsynaptic actions...,
Opiates activate the chemorecepto...
41  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Medicine: Non-opioid Pharmacology
Moa of acetaminophen,
What is the daily max dose of ace...,
Moa of nsaids
34  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Medicine: Pain Syndromes
Description of nociceptive somati...,
Description of visceral pain,
Description of neuropathic centra...
52  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Medicine: Headache
What are types of primary ha,
What is a secondary ha,
What is the presentation of migra...
21  cards
Ch 11 -Pain Medicine: Cancer Pain
Describe multiple myeloma pain,
How can multiple myeloma pain be ...,
Describe pancreatic cancer pain
35  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Management: Spine Pain
What are common causes of nerve r...,
How does leakage of nucleus pulps...,
How can pain from a herniated dis...
26  cards
Ch 11 - Pain Management: Interventional procedures
What form of radiation comes from...,
What are the adverse effects of r...,
How can you minimize practitioner...
93  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: RA
What is rheumatoid arthritis ra,
What does ra affect in in joints,
What happens to joints in chronic ra
73  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: OA
What is osteoarthritis oa,
Which joint is mc affected with o...,
What is seen in early pathology o...
31  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Juvenile RA
What is the mc form of childhood ...,
What are the 3 clinical subtypes ...,
What is the acr diagnostic criter...
24  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Spondyloarthropathies
What are types of juvenile spondy...,
How do seronegative enthesopathy ...,
How does inflammatory arthritis p...
71  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Crystal-Induced Synovitis
Describe the crystals in gout,
What does gout affect in joints,
What is seen on joint aspiration ...
32  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Rheumatoid Diseases
What is sle,
What is required for classificati...,
What is the classification criter...
54  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Vasculitides
What does takayasu arteritis affect,
Who does takayasu arteritis affect,
What are clinical features of tak...
28  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Infectious Arthritides
What is the clinical presentation...,
What is the most common joint inv...,
What are risk factors for septic ...
28  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Other Arthritides
What is hemochromatosis,
What is the clinical presentation...,
What joints are involved in hemoc...
38  cards
Ch 3 - Rehumatology: Atraumatic arthritis
What is congenital hip dislocation,
What are etiologic factors of con...,
Desribe barlows test
37  cards
Ch 3 - Rheumatology: Pain and tendon disorders
What is fibromyalgia,
Who is affected by fibromyalgia,
What can exacerbate fibromyalgia ...
44  cards
Ch 8 - Physical Modalities
What are examples of physical mod...,
What is an outcome of thermotherapy,
What are contraindications of hea...
49  cards
Ch 8 - Therapeutic Exercise, Bedrest, Evaluation of Functional Independence and Aging
Describe open kinetic chain exerc...,
Describe closed kinetic chain exe...,
What is delorme s exercises also ...
22  cards
Ch 9 - Pulmonary Rehabilitation
What does exercise cause regardin...,
What are benefits of pulmonary rehab,
Which patients benefit the most f...
77  cards
Ch 9 - Cardiac Rehabilitation
What should all mi survivors receive,
What does aspirin reduce the risk of,
What do beta blockers reduce the ...
67  cards
Ch 9 - Cancer Rehabilitation
What is the goal in preventive ca...,
What is the goal in supportive ca...,
What patients is supportive cance...
80  cards
Ch 12 - Spasticity
What is spasticity,
What is rigidity,
Describe mas 0
23  cards
Ch 12 - Movement Disorders
What is an essential tremor,
What is an intention tremor,
What is parkinsons disease
32  cards
Ch 12 - Wheelchairs
What is a major contributing fact...,
How should seat width be measured,
What should the seat width be for...
40  cards
Ch 12 - Osteoporosis
What is a t score,
What is normal bone density,
What is osteopenia
32  cards
Ch 12 - Burn Rehabilitation
What is the 1 cause of accidental...,
Describe burns in relation to acc...,
What inflammatory mediators are r...
27  cards
Ch 12 - Biostatistics and Ethics
What is ordinal scale,
When are results considered stati...,
Describe a cohort study
11  cards
Ch 12 - Multiple Sclerosis
What is multiple sclerosis,
Describe ms relapse and pregnancy,
What is the mc pattern of ms
21  cards
Ch 12 - Ultrasound
What is echogenicity,
Describe hyperechoic,
Describe hypoechoic
7  cards

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