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ECMO Circuits / Midterm Exam
What are the two categories why w...,
Name three diffusion problems tha...,
Name two perfusion problems that ...
42  cards
Vv ecmo does not decrease what,
Va ecmo decreases the following v...,
A change in left ventricular afte...
72  cards
CH 2 Neonatal Pulmonary Physiology and Pathophysiology
A near term infant 34 36 weeks ge...,
What are the most common newborn ...,
Surfactant is composed of several...
51  cards
ECMO Physiology / Midterm Exam
Va ecmo cannulation,
Goal or va ecmo,
Optimal pulse pressure for va ecmo
49  cards
CH 3 Pathophysiology of pediatric cardiac disease relevant to ECMO
A single ventricle patient with o...,
Systemic blood flow in a single v...,
Single ventricle s degree of r l ...
34  cards
CH 8 ECMO Equipment and devices
0  cards
ECMO Specialist Crouse Adult 2015
During va ecmo what should we exp...,
Anything that changes the volume ...,
Cvp bladder pressure
39  cards
CH 4 Pediatric Pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology
Pediatric ecmo is defined as an a...,
What are the 3 most common reason...,
What is the most common diagnosis...
19  cards
Miscellaneous for Midterm exam
What vent setting is used to figh...,
Compliance formula,
Ecmo pump is set on free mode wha...
50  cards
Patient Troubleshooting ECMO FINAL
How would you diagnose hypovolemi...,
How would you diagnose hypovolemi...,
How would you diagnose hypovolemi...
17  cards
Circuit Troubleshooting ECMO FINAL
How would you troubleshoot venous...,
Transfusing volume to a neonate w...,
Clamp placed on the venous line b...
19  cards
Patient Management ECMO FINAL
Describe initiation of va ecmo,
Describe initiation of vv ecmo,
Act for an uncomplicated term baby
33  cards
Lvadpaw sabp ci,
Rvadrap paw ci,
What are 6 contraindications to v...
16  cards

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