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Week 1 - Overview of the Function of the Heart
What s the function of the heart,
What does the cvs transport,
What is the general circulation o...
18  cards
Week 1 - Electrical Activity of the Heart
How does the function of ca2 vary...,
What makes up the intercalated disc,
How long is the action potential ...
15  cards
Week 1 - ECG
What is the p wave,
What is the qrs complex,
What is the t wave
27  cards
Week 1 - The Cardiac Cycle
What is systole and diastole,
How much of the cardiac cycle occ...,
What are the 5 stages of the card...
25  cards
Week 1 - Heart rate and Stroke Volume, and clotting...
What is the equation for cardiac ...,
What is afterload
16  cards
Week 1 - Pressure and Flow in Arteries and Veins
How do we measure arterial pressu...,
What does an arterial line measur...,
What does a sphygmomanometer meas...
21  cards
Week 1 - The Peripheral Circulation
What does the peripheral circulat...,
How far is every tissue from a ca...,
What are 3 types of capillary
26  cards
Week 1 - Short and Long Term Control of Blood Pressure
What is the baroreflex and where ...,
Where do signals from barorecepto...,
How does parasympathetic system d...
24  cards
Week 2 - Hypertension
What is hypertension,
What is hypertension an important...,
What is the cause of hypertension
25  cards
Week 2 - Pathophysiology of Atheroma/Atherosclerosis
What are the 3 layers of an artery,
What is an atheroma,
What is arteriosclerosis
22  cards
Week 2 - Pathophysiology of Thrombosis and Embolism
Which factors are the body s vasc...,
What causes turbulence in vessels...,
What is virchow s triad
22  cards
Week 2 - Pathophysiology of Ischaemia and Infarction
What is ischaemia,
What are some types of hypoxia,
What factors affect o2 supply
24  cards
Week 2 - Stable Angina
What is angina,
What are common causes of stable ...,
What gives angina symptoms
26  cards
Week 2 - Acute Coronary Syndromes
What are some acute coronary synd...,
What is the appearance of a plaqu...,
What evidence do you need to diag...
13  cards
Week 2 - Clinical Pharmacology of Stable Angina and ACS
What drugs are used first line in...,
What beta blockers are used and t...,
What is a danger with beta blockers
22  cards
3 arb s,
4 ccb s,
2 ace s
18  cards
Week 3 - Stroke
What is a stroke vs tia,
What are the 2 main causes of str...,
What is large artery disease
22  cards
Week 3 - Stroke 2
What causes symptoms of stroke,
What are common symptoms of stroke,
What are common symptoms if poste...
29  cards
Week 3 - Aortic Disease
What does aortic disease include,
What are the 4 parts of the aorta,
Aortic arch brachiocephalic arter...
28  cards
Week 3 - Imaging of Circulatory Disturbances
What questions do we want to know...,
What functional imaging methods a...,
What is catheter angiography
17  cards
Week 3 - Venous and Lymphatic Disease
What is the anatomy of the lower ...,
What 2 main venous issues can occur,
What is varicose veins
22  cards
Week 3 - Peripheral Artery Disease
What is the anatomy of the lower ...,
What does the presence of a norma...,
What is chronic limb ischaemia
32  cards
0  cards
Week 4 - Arrhythmia
What is atrial fibrillation,
What is the most common rhythmic ...,
What is the presentation of atria...
22  cards
Week 4 - Arrhythmia 2
What are ventricular ectopics,
How do you deal with a patient wi...,
What is torsades de pointes
17  cards
Week 4 - Arrhythmia Therapies - anti arrhythmics
What is vaughan william s classif...,
What are class i anti arrhythmics...,
What are
20  cards
Week 4 - Arrhythmia Treatment 2 - anti-coagulants
What are anti coagulants used to ...,
What are risk factors for atrial ...,
Why is atrial fibrillation signif...
21  cards
Week 4 - Pathophysiology of Congestion and Oedema
What is congestion,
What causes congestion,
What does a distended area presen...
17  cards
Week 4 - Chronic Heart Failure
What are symptoms of heart failure,
What are signs of heart failure,
Why is heart failure difficult to...
23  cards
Week 4 - Chronic Heart Failure Treatments
What is the aim of treatment,
What are the neuro hormonal antag...,
What is a loop diuretic and its role
25  cards
0  cards
Week 5 - Valvular Heart Disease - Mitral Valve
How are the valves positioned ana...,
What are features of the mitral v...,
What is the aetiology of mitral s...
17  cards
Week 5 - Valvular Heart Disease - Aortic Valve
What are features of the aortic v...,
What is the pathophysiology of ao...,
What is the most common cause of ...
15  cards
Week 5 - Valvular and Ischaemic Heart Disease Therapy
What are the main causes of cardi...,
What are the manifestations of is...,
What are indications for cabg
26  cards
Week 5 - Infective Endocarditis and Rheumatic Heart Disease
What is infective endocarditis,
What causes infective endocarditis,
What is the pathophysiology of in...
21  cards
Week 5 - Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Thromboembolism
What is the main reason for venou...,
What is a red vs white thrombus,
What is an arterial thrombus most...
21  cards
Week 5 - Genetics and Cardiovascular Disease
0  cards

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