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cwb welding inspector lvl 2

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Chapter 1 Welding Processes and Equipment
1 an arc plasma consists of a ato...,
2 which of the following welding ...,
3 the most arc efficient welding ...
35  cards
Chapter 2 Power Sources for Welding
1 which statement supports the fa...,
2 which statement best describes ...,
3 a plasma can best be described ...
30  cards
Chapter 3 Electrodes and Consumables
1 what is the core wire made of i...,
2 which of the following is an im...,
3 which of the following is an im...
30  cards
Chapter 4 Residual Stress and Distortion
1 elastic deformation is best des...,
2 the coefficient of thermal expa...,
3 a piece of material that has re...
30  cards
Chapter 5 Review of Physical Metallurgy
1 copper is a very useful non fer...,
2 most metals do not exist in the...,
3 the blast furnace contains a se...
30  cards
Chapter 6 Introduction to Welding Metallurgy of Steel
1 what are the critical parameter...,
2 the energy input is a very impo...,
3 the cooling rate is very import...
31  cards
Chapter 7 Welding Metallurgy of Stainless Steels
1 a certain family of stainless s...,
2 what elements can be added to a...,
3 which of the following groups o...
30  cards
Chapter 8 Mechanical Testing of Welds
1 what are the three ways in whic...,
2 the strain in a body is a measu...,
3 if a thin bar of metal is subje...
30  cards
Chapter 9 Surface Inspection
How should a fluorescent dye be v...,
2 what type of developer is norma...,
3 the fluorescent post emulsified...
30  cards
Chapter 10 Radiographic Inspection
1 x rays are a type of electromag...,
2 list three disadvantages of rad...,
3 sketch the main components of a...
30  cards
Chapter 11 Ultrasonic Inspection
1 if an ultrasonic wave in a bloc...,
2 do transverse waves in a solid ...,
3 if the amplitude of a wave is r...
30  cards
Stress cracking is most likely to...,
In producing a drawing for a scal...,
The best form of distortion contr...
36  cards
Glossary Terms and Definitions
What is active flux,
What is alloy flux,
What is alternating current
27  cards

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