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Computer Fraud and Abuse
Which federal law amended chapter...,
To determine whether scanning is ...,
The us department of justice defi...
30  cards
Wireless networking technology fi...,
Spread spectrum radio technologies,
35  cards
Radio Frequency Fundamentals
Electromagnetic em spectrum,
Radio waves
2  cards
TCP/IP Concepts
Application layer,
Transport layer,
Internet layer
26  cards
Network and Computer Attacks
3  cards
Wireless 2
Which three properties are interr...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following can cause ...
20  cards
TCP/IP Hw questions
What port is typically reserved a...,
Which command verifies the existe...,
Which protocol offers guaranteed ...
30  cards
What type of malicious procedure ...,
The base 64 numbering system uses...,
Which type of attack cripples the...
30  cards
FootPrinting and Social Engineering
Which of the following contains h...,
Which of the following is one met...,
Entering a companys restricted ar...
30  cards
Chapter 6
Which of the following is a popul...,
Which windows 10 feature uses vir...,
Which of the following is a windo...
37  cards
Chapter 5
0  cards
Embedded Operating Systems
Most printers now have only tcp i...,
What type of malicious code could...,
Which one of the following if com...
30  cards
Wireless Networking
What information that comes from ...,
Ack and cts to self frames follow...,
What qos mechanism can be used to...
11  cards
Chapter 10
What is the specific act of filte...,
What is the specific act of filte...,
The accessfilename directive in a...
60  cards
Chapter 8
Which of the following is conside...,
Which standardized remote file sy...,
Which of the following programs i...
30  cards
Chapter 9
Which of the following can be a s...,
The lack of a familiar interface ...,
A device that performs more than ...
30  cards
Chapter 11
Lan and wan,
It is possible to have a wireless...,
Which ieee standard can achieve a...
30  cards
Chapter 13
What type of function is being pe...,
Which of the following describes ...,
What device is designed specifica...
30  cards
Working with Windows and CLI systems
Which filename refers to the devi...,
Which certificate provides a mech...,
Which filename refers to the phys...
46  cards
Linux and Macintosh File Systems
In linux in which directory are m...,
Which term is often used when dis...,
Where are directories and files s...
25  cards
Data Acquisition
If your time is limited what type...,
What command works similarly to t...,
What type of acquisition is done ...
45  cards
Recovering Graphics Files
The two major forms of steganogra...,
How may computer programs can be ...,
What kind of images are based on ...
44  cards
Virtual Machine Forensics, Live Acquisitions, and Network Forensics
Type 2 hypervisors cannot be used...,
Which tool lists all open network...,
Network logs record traffic in an...
39  cards

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