data processing at scale

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Week 1
Relational database system,
So what we want here is to build ...,
Nosql graph doc key value stores
40  cards
Week 1.5
Reasons for using isa sub classes,
Er is used for what,
3 basic constructs of er
26  cards
week 1 Relational Models and Relational Algebra
Rows in the database represent,
Columns in the database represent,
Are tuples ordered or unordered
21  cards
Week 1 - SQL Query Language: Part 1
What is a relation list,
What is the target list,
What is the qualifications
12  cards
week 1 - spatial data
4 reasons why spatial data is dif...,
How are spatial data sets primari...,
What is a range query spatial data
7  cards
Week 1 practive quiz
Which of the following is a corre...,
What is the role of a relationshi...,
Which of the following can be an ...
23  cards
Week-2 - Major Storage Layouts
List the 5 layers of computer memory,
Why is the processing speed of a ...,
Db data is stored as a file organ...
22  cards
Week 2 - Major Indexing Schemes
Hash indexes what is it good for,
What kind of indexing scheme shou...,
Index entries have what
24  cards
Week 2 - Practice quiz
Which of the following file organ...,
For which type of operations are ...,
What is the purpose of file index...
15  cards
Week 3 practice test
What is the result of the followi...,
How does a database achieve concu...,
Which of the following describes ...
13  cards
Week 3 - ACID Properties
What is a transaction,
Can you have multiple transaction...,
How to obtain concurrency with tr...
13  cards
Week 3 - Transactions and Concurrency
Transactions what is a schedule,
Serial schedule,
Equivalent schedule
12  cards
Week 3 - Lock-Based Concurrency Control
What is the most the most widely ...,
What is a lock based concurrency ...,
What happen in a strict 2pl
23  cards
week 3 - Why Distribution?
Four items that make up a distrib...,
Why do corporations use distribut...,
1question 1what does transparency...
22  cards
Week 4 - Distrbuted DB system
What does a query processor do,
What is query execution methodology,
What is query optimization
18  cards
Week 4 - Parallel Data Architecture
Two types of parallel database sy...,
What is pipeline parallelism,
What is partition parallelism
33  cards
week 4 -practice quiz
How is a horizontal fragmentation...,
Which table key should be copied ...,
Which of the following is made le...
19  cards
Week 5 - What is NoSQL?
Does nosql have a declarative lan...,
Does nosql have acid,
Does nosql have a rigid is the im...
9  cards
week 5 - Practice quiz
Which of the following database m...,
Which of the following statements...,
What is the name of the theorem t...
20  cards
week 5 - Graph Databases
Social graph has two items,
What do edges represent in a soci...,
What does a vertex represent in a...
16  cards
Week 5 - Key Value Stores
Four requirements of nosql,
Amazon dynamo 4 items,
Data model has two functions
9  cards
Week 5 - Document Stores
Document store,
What is bson,
Does document storage have refere...
5  cards
Week 5 - NoSQL vs SQL
2 categories of nosql data models,
Advantages of key value,
Disadvantages of key value
5  cards
Week6 - Apache Spark
What is rdd stand for,
Is rdd read only,
Rdds can only be created through 2
50  cards
Week 5 - practice quiz
Which company has created the map...,
Which company has implemented had...,
Which of the following is true ab...
37  cards
Week 6 - Data Management in MapReduce Systems
What is map reduce 3 items,
Map reduce map,
Map reduce reduce
36  cards
week 7 - practice quiz
Ec2 is one of the cloud services ...,
What is the name of amazon s clou...,
What is the name of amazon s mess...
34  cards
Week 7 - Intro to cloud
Cloud computing is a computing model,
What is on demand self service,
What is broad network access
39  cards

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