data science & big data analytics

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Decks in this class (14)

01. Introduction to Big Data Analytics
Name the three main attributes wh...,
What is the definition of big data,
What is driving the data deluge
17  cards
12. The Endgame, or Putting It All Together
What are the four key deliverable...,
What are the three project goals ...
2  cards
11. SQL Essentials & Advanced
Union all,
3  cards
10. MapReduce & Hadoop
What is mapreduce,
What is hadoop,
What happens in the map phase
39  cards
03. Review of Basic Data Analytic Methods Using R
What is a factor,
What is a list,
What is an array
22  cards
02. Data Analytics Lifecycle
List the 6 steps in the data anal...,
Describe the discovery phase in t...,
Describe the data preparation pha...
7  cards
09. Text Analytics
What is lemmatisation,
What is stemming,
What is the dimensionality in tex...
22  cards
08. Time Series Analysis
What is pacf,
What is acf,
What is fanovarience
8  cards
07.a Decision Trees
What is another name for a decisi...,
Is the decision tree supervised o...,
What is the primary task performe...
28  cards
07.b Naive Bayesian Classifiers
What is naive bayes,
In naive bayes what is discretisa...,
How do you calculate the overall ...
3  cards
06.b Logistic Regression
What is logistic regression,
What type of output variable come...,
Name four use cases for logistic ...
29  cards
06.a Linear Regression
In linear regression what is the ...,
What is linear regression,
What is the theory behind linear ...
20  cards
04. K-Means Clustering
What is clustering,
What does k means clustering do,
List use cases for k means cluste...
13  cards
05. Association Rules
Association rules market basket a...,
The association rules if x is obs...,
In the rule when items x is obser...
18  cards

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data science & big data analytics

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