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Theft, Criminal Damage, Fraud, Proceeds
Criminal damage simple,
Aggravated criminal damage,
Taking without consent twoc
28  cards
No elbows s,
10  cards
Search, Entry, Arrest, Force
S 117 of pace 1984,
S 1 of pace 1984,
S 23 of misuse of drugs act 1971
22  cards
Offences against the person
Common assault,
Assault occasioning actual bodily...
9  cards
PACE codes
Pace code a deals with,
Pace code b deals with,
Pace code c deals with
8  cards
Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
Possession of a controlled drug d...,
Unlawful production of controlled...,
Supplying controlled drugs s 4 3 ...
17  cards
Modern Slavery Act, deprivation of libery
S 1 modern slavery act 2015 two o...,
Human trafficking,
Slavery and trafficking preventio...
7  cards
Harassment, Malcoms, Computer Misuse
Harassment simple,
Harassment s1a,
Harassment amounting to stalking s2a
11  cards
Chis authorisation ordinary and u...,
Chis undercover officer,
Juvenile chis and vulernable chis...
11  cards
Identification (PACE)
Known vs unknown suspects,
Video identification
16  cards
Sexual offences
Assault by penetration,
Sexual assault by touching
12  cards
Sexual offences against children
Sexual activity with a child,
Causing or inciting a child to en...,
Engaging in a sexual activity in ...
11  cards
Child protection
S46 children act 1989 police prot...,
Contravention of a protection ord...,
Emergency protection order epo
3  cards
Detention and bail
Review clock non terrorism,
Review clock terrorism,
Detention extension non terrorism
20  cards
When is it not possible to draw a...,
Adverse inference from silence s34,
Adverse inference from silence s35
17  cards
Equality act
The equality act 2010 introduced ...,
Protected characteristics 8,
Positive action
4  cards
Mg6 a mg6 b mg6 c mg6 d mg6 e,
Relevant material,
The 5 rs of cpiareasonable pursue...
4  cards

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