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Anatomy: Brain and Cranial Nerves
Name this part,
Name the regions,
Which of the following is correct...
83  cards
Anatomy Vasculature
What is the name of the 3 branche...,
What does the superior vena cava ...,
The brachiocephalic trunk bifurca...
48  cards
Pain and Management
What is the definition of,
What is the definition of noxious...,
What is a nociceptive stimulus
120  cards
Local Anaesthesia
What is anaesthesia,
What is analgesia,
What is local anaesthesia
49  cards
Is the study science of chemicals...,
What a drug does to the body biol...,
What the body does to a drug abso...
103  cards
What are the two major systems of...,
Is regarded as the first line of ...,
What are the two barriers that co...
114  cards
Microbiology Lecture 1
Basis of infectious disease Microbiology lecture 1
212  cards
What is the clinical presentation...,
What is the clinical presentation...,
What causes the transition from s...
27  cards
Anatomy and innervation of palate
The attachment of the mucosa on t...,
Injecting la in the hard palate w...,
What is skeletal muscle of the or...
55  cards
Anatomy infratemporal fossa
The infratemporal fossa is distin...,
The infratemporal fossa is distin...,
The infratemporal fossa is distin...
38  cards
Anatomy floor of mouth
What are the four boundaries of t...,
What is the palatal mucoperiosteum,
Lined internally with buccal muco...
35  cards
Anatomy nasal cavities
Why do nasal cartilage require di...,
The ethmoid bone is broken down t...,
Where would you find the cristi g...
43  cards
Oral biology, enamel, dentine and bonding: oral biology lecture 1
oral biology lecture 1
64  cards
Dental pulp and its responses: oral biology lecture 2
In embryol,
What ar ethe 3 functions of the d...,
Name the part highlighted green
32  cards
Oral mucosa: oral biology lecture 3
Oral mucosa is composed of which ...,
Annotate this,
The oral mucosa is distributed in...
28  cards
Oral epithelium and connective tissue Lecture 4/5
These are examples of what collag...,
Is defined as any supporti,
There are a few cells within the ...
15  cards
dental materials
What is light curing,
Describe polymerization in dentistry,
A substance which has a molecular...
130  cards
periodontology the real one
Ultrasonic scalers,
The is the specialized tissues th...,
Situated performed or occurring b...
99  cards
Anatomy: Pterygopalatine fossa
What anatomical structure is resp...,
Where is the pterygopalatine gang...,
The pterygopalatine fossa communi...
63  cards
dental equipment
What would use a straight probe for,
What would use a briaults probe for,
What would use a college forcep for
27  cards
Radiology M3 - L1: Radiation safety
Which three emissions do radioact...,
When high energy particles and wa...,
Alpha and beta particles emitted ...
28  cards
Radiology M3 - R2: Image receptors 1
A medium that changes x ray beam ...,
Image receptors are classified as...,
Image receptors are classified as...
18  cards
Radiology M3 - R3: Production of X-rays
The production of x rays is depen...,
The production of x rays is depen...,
The production of x rays is depen...
18  cards
Radiology M3 - R4: Introduction to dental radiography
There needs to be some knowledge ...,
What are the two types of dental ...,
When was the first radiograpgh used
27  cards
Radiology M3 - R5 : Radiography techniques
What are the three types of intra...,
What are the three types of extra...,
Which radiograpghy technique woul...
23  cards
Radiology M4 - R1 : Extra Oral
What does pa stand for,
What does ap mean,
What does om stand for
14  cards
Radiology M4 - R2 : Quality assurance
Introducing simple systems sopimp...,
What governs quality assurance,
There are four people responsible...
17  cards
Radiology M4 - R3 : periodontology
Overall assessment of periodontal...,
What would a radiograpgh show for...,
When measuring
11  cards
Radiology M4 - R4 : Bisected angle, occlusal and parallax
What technique is being used here,
What technique was used to produc...,
What are the reasons for utilisin...
12  cards
Radiology M4 - R5 : Image receptors 2
What are the three types of intra...,
What is the purpose of the outer ...,
What is the purpose of the black ...
15  cards
Radiology M4 -R5 : Dental radiology techniques 2
What does this image show,
What does this image show,
Why take bitewings
11  cards
Radiology M4 - R7 : Legislation
Which legislation deals with eqip...,
Which legislation is aimed primar...,
What were irr99 and ir me r2000 l...
25  cards
Radiology M4 - R8 : Justification and Interpretation
What does alarp stand for,
Theamount of radiation absorbed b...,
3  cards

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