developmental final

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M08 Mc
Which of the following is a more ...,
Puberty select one a is the same ...,
A girls first menstruation is cal...
20  cards
M09 MC
All of the following are key feat...,
Just as the transition from eleme...,
According to a national study con...
20  cards
M10 MC
Which of the following scenarios ...,
In one longitudinal study when 3 ...,
Secure attachment to parents duri...
20  cards
M11 MC
Which of the following is a consi...,
The term _____________ is given t...,
The ability to focus and maintain...
19  cards
M12 MC
____________ encompasses adults d...,
According to levinson which of th...,
Adult development experts are vir...
20  cards
M13 MC
_____________ is the number of ye...,
What is the average life expectan...,
In 2011 which of the following co...
20  cards
M14 MC
The term baltes uses to describe ...,
__________ are the culture based ...,
Cognitive ___________ declines in...
20  cards
M15 M
According to erik erikson which o...,
According to erikson the ________...,
All of the following are part of ...
20  cards
Physical changes during puberty,
Regions of brain that change duri...,
The ____ of emotions and the ___ ...
29  cards
M09 Essays
Transition between adolescence an...,
Criteria to be considered adult,
Economic independence
14  cards
M10 Essays
Three components or dimensions of...,
Four types of love,
17  cards
M11 Essay
Physical changes that accompany m...,
Preventable physical changes 4,
16  cards
M12 Essays
Generativity and stagnation,
22  cards
M13 Essays
The factors affecting longevity,
Country lived in,
16  cards
M14 Essays
Cognitive mechanics,
Cognitive mechanics are influence...,
Cognitive pragmatics
23  cards
M15 Essays
Economic issues of old people,
___ are more likely to suffer fro...,
Factors for high life satisfactio...
6  cards

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