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Chapter 5: Psychosocial Development in the First 2 Years
Psychosocial development,
Transition to parenthood,
Two major tasks of psychosocial d...
34  cards
Chapter 1: Introduction
3 major domains of human development
31  cards
Chapter 2: theories of development
Qualities of a good theory,
Different questions theories ask
32  cards
Chapter 3: biological foundations, genetics and prenatal development
Pre and early life cells,
Deoxyribonucleic acid dna,
36  cards
Chapter 4: physical and cognitive development in the first two years
Average size of newborn,
Apgar scale,
Central nervour system
30  cards
Chapter 6: physical and cognitive development in early childhood
Bodily growth and change 3 5 year...,
Impact of size variationlarger th...,
Health and illness
30  cards
Chapter 7: psychosocial development in early childhood
Parent child relationships,
Baumrind s parenting styles,
Outcomes of parenting styles
29  cards
Lecture 8: physical, cognitive and psychosocial development in adolescence
Pubertyprimary sex characteristic...,
Variations in timing of puberty
42  cards
Lecture 9: physical, cognitive and psychosocial development in early adulthood
Physical functioning,
Health in early adulthood patholo...,
Alcohol and drug abuse
38  cards
Lecture 10: physical, cognitive and psychosocial development in middle adulthood
Middle age a social construct,
Life expectancy,
Ageingprimarysecondaryphysical fu...
34  cards
Lecture 11: physical and cognitive development in late adulthood
Ageing and ageism,
Life expectancy,
Theories of ageing senescenceprog...
38  cards

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