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developmental psych

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Decks in this class (13)

Lecture 1
What are the 5 domains of develop...,
What is the diffrence between gro...,
Plato s views
32  cards
Lecture 2
Hitory of nature vs nurture 3 steps
17  cards
lecture 3
What is needed in order for an eg...,
What are the 3 main risks for inf...,
Fertility treatments and other op...
22  cards
test prep
Understand the different domains ...,
What is the theory of dynamic sys...,
How do the domains of development...
17  cards
lecture 4
What do the words cephalocaudalan...,
How do bones start,
What are the three mechanisms of ...
18  cards
Lecture 5
What are jean pigets core theoret...,
Describe the sensorimotor stage,
What are the milestones in the se...
22  cards
Lecture 6
Http what are the 5 parts of a la...,
What is phonology,
What is morphology
35  cards
Lecture 7
What is erick erickson s first stage,
What is erick erickson s deal,
Stage 1how does an infant learn t...
28  cards
Midterm 2
What is thedifference between cep...,
What are the 3mechanisms of growth,
What are the difficulties and adv...
26  cards
Lecture 8
What are self concepts,
What do the self conceptions of a...,
Explain egocentrism in adolesent ...
22  cards
Lecture 9
What s the difference between sex...,
How do children develop gender id...,
How do parents react to gender
29  cards
Understand adolescent cognition,
What are erikson s adolescent stage,
What is identity formation
15  cards
Lecture 10
What are family units,
What are parenting styles what ar...,
3  cards

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developmental psych

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