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developmental psych

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Exam 1 Lectures Chapters 1&2
What are the frameworks of develo...,
What are the 3 domains of develop...,
What does the psychical aka bioso...
107  cards
Exam 1 Chapters 4&5
Is the most critical time for a p...,
What are the stages within the co...,
What is the germinal period
120  cards
Exam 1: Chapter 3 Vocab
25  cards
Exam 1 Chapters 6&7
General things involved in cognition,
Can newborns learn sameroff and d...,
What was decaspers experiments re...
82  cards
Exam 1: Gross Motor Skill Age Norms
Able to lift head 90 degrees,
Rolls over,
Sits unsupported
10  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 8 (Early Childhood and Biosocial Development
What characterizes the early chil...,
Childhood growth from the ages of...,
How tall is and how much does a 6...
47  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 8 (book)
Key topics of the chapter,
What are the dramatic changes in ...,
Bmi at age 5 6
44  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 9 (book)
Piaget focuses on this type of co...,
Vygotsky focuses on this type of ...,
What is executive function
65  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 9 (Early Childhood-Cognitive Development)
What is the type of thinking that...,
What is an operation,
What is a key element in cognitiv...
40  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 10 (book)
What are the core things we will ...,
What is emotional regulation,
Emotional regulation by age 6 mos...
84  cards
Exam 2 (Chapter 10: Early Childhood: Psychosocial Development
What stage of erikson s psychosoc...,
What occurs as a result of symbol...,
What are the categories of social...
39  cards
Exam 2: Chapter 12 (Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development)
Reminder what is an operation,
What stage of piagets cognitive s...,
What age does the concrete operat...
17  cards
Exam 2 Chapter 11 (book)
Middle childhood is a time offor ...,
Middle childhood are theyears of ...,
Middle childhood is crucial for t...
63  cards
Exam 2 Chapter 12 (book)
What is seriation,
What is an indicator of dyscalculia,
What is a skill that develops imm...
41  cards
Exam 2-Chapter 11 (key info)
What are the different types of i...,
What is logical mathematical inte...
43  cards
Exam 2-Reading on Punishment
Why do we punish children,
What is the definition of punishment,
Do punsishments work
10  cards
Exam 2 (Chapter 13:Middle Childhood Psychosocial development)
What are the two psychosocial the...,
Review what is the industry v inf...,
Children in the industry v inferi...
12  cards
(Chapter 11) Childhood Obesity and BMI
What is the definition of bmi,
What bmi does obesity begin at at...,
What percent of american children...
6  cards
Pros and Cons of Punishment
0  cards
Exam 3 Chapter 14 Book
What is puberty,
When do the visible signs of pube...,
What are some of the reasons the ...
54  cards
Exam 3 Chapter 14 (Adolescent Physical Development)
General overview,
What is puberty,
During puberty adolescents underg...
37  cards
Exam 3 Chapter 15 (Adolescence: Cognitive Development)
Key developments to cognitive abi...,
What period of piagets stages of ...,
What are the distinguishing featu...
32  cards
Exam 3 (Chapter 15) book
What are the two modes adolescent...,
What are some reasons adolescents...,
What is rumination
20  cards
Exam 3 Chapter 16 (book)
What role of erikson s stages enc...,
What does erikson believe solves ...,
What is identity achievement
28  cards
Chapter 16: Adolescent Psychosocial development
Eriksons stage during adolescence,
What are the stages of identity s...,
What is identity achievement
25  cards
Chapter 19: Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial development
What does maslow identitfy as the...,
What did freud identify as the tw...,
What are eriksons stages for earl...
13  cards
Exam 3: Extra Material
How has the population grown to 7...,
Where is the biggest population g...,
How did marilyn van derbur cope w...
8  cards
Exam 3: Chapter 20 Adult Biosocial Development?
What age is the middle ages,
What percentage of americas popul...,
What is the current life expectan...
30  cards
Death and Dying
The dying process,
How do we define death,
What have court rulings state abo...
14  cards

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