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Dev Psych Intro
Branch of psychology concerned wi...,
A lifelong process hindi lang ito...,
Goals of human development
56  cards
Chapter 2
A set of logically related concep...,
According to him a young child is...,
Who is the forerunner of the mech...
17  cards
Theoretical Perspectives
What personal factor or personal ...,
Personal circumstances make frued...,
It is the state of the mind it is...
33  cards
Psychosocial Stage of Development
He modified and extended freud s ...,
It is a major psychosocial challe...,
The two elements in each stage ar...
7  cards
The theorists within the _____per...,
Hindi interested ang mga learning...,
From this perspective psychology ...
60  cards
This theory is regarded as a corn...,
This person developed a theory of...,
This activity will help children ...
49  cards
According to the _________ develo...,
They see the individual not as a ...,
Who is the american psychologist ...
11  cards
This perspective focuses on the e...,
It draws on findings of anthropol...,
It focuses on the evolutionary an...
10  cards
Research Methods
Research that deals with objectiv...,
Research that focuses on non nume...,
The goal of qualitative research ...
58  cards
Genes and environment
The process by which sperm and ov...,
This is produce after the union o...,
One celled organism resulting fro...
128  cards
Birth Defects and Genetic Disorder
A birth defect in which severe an...,
Alpha thalassemia,
This is a birth defect that overp...
13  cards
Chromosomes Abnormalities
A sex chromosome abnormality in w...,
A sex chromosome abnormality in w...,
A sex chromosome abnormality in w...
9  cards
Prenatal Development & Care
It is an early sign and symptoms ...,
Increased production of the femal...,
Implantation bleeding may occur a...
92  cards
A prenatal care in which fetal dn...,
It is process of giving birth,
A series of uterine cervical and ...
70  cards
Infancy Physical Development
It is a principle which states th...,
It is a principle that states tha...,
When does teething begin
87  cards
Diagnostic Exam Ratio (Ms. Gabrielle)
A type of twins where fetuses sha...,
A chromosomal abnormalities where...,
An extra chromosome that causes p...
89  cards
Infancy: Cognitive Development
This approach covers the classica...,
Learning that is based on associa...,
Focuses on the consequences of be...
85  cards
Infancy: Psychosocial Development
______ such as fear are subjectiv...,
_______ is the primary way in whi...,
A pattern of infant crying where ...
31  cards
Developmental issues of infancy
An infant will develop____ if the...,
It is a reciprocal enduring emoti...,
From an_____ point of view attach...
26  cards
Developmental issues of Toddlers
Descriptive and evaluative mental...,
By age of 3 months toddlers to th...,
When infants learn to reach grasp...
52  cards
8. Early Childhood Psychosocial
A descriptive and evaluative ment...,
True or false during early childh...,
Cluster of characteristics used t...
45  cards

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