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Ch. 1 The Professional Dental Hygienist
Who is the father of dental hygiene,
First licensed dental hygienist,
Scope of practice is determined b...
26  cards
Ch. 5 Infection Control
Infectious agents,
Microorganism of the oral cavity ...,
Adult harbors
27  cards
Ch. 6 Exposure Control
Exposure control,
Standard precautions,
Order of donning and doffing ppe
13  cards
Ch. 7 Infection Control: Clinical Procedures
Sterilization and disinfection of...,
Instrument processing recirculation,
Chemical indicators
14  cards
Ch. 8 Patient Reception And Ergonomic Practice
Position of pt,
Semi upright
13  cards
Ch. 10 Documentation For Dental Hygiene Care
Components of a patient record,
Forms of charting,
13  cards
G. Mod. 1 Ergonomics And Periodontal Instrumentation
Percentage of musculoskeletal dis...,
Causes of musculoskeletal disorders,
15  cards
G. Mod. 2 Clinician Position In Relation To The Treatment Area
8 o clock,
9 o clock,
10 11 o clock
8  cards
Ch. 11 Medical, Dental, And Psychiosocial Histories
What are the 2 ways to obtain a h...,
Methods to obtain history pre app...,
Limitations of a health history
23  cards
Ch. 12 Vital Signs
Standard precaution vital signs,
Position for vitals,
Normal body temp
19  cards
Pickett Ch. 1 Using Medical History To Prevent Emergenices: Risk Assessment
Functional capacity,
Functional capacity questions,
Asa i
11  cards
Ch. 13 Extraoral And Introral Examination
Why is the extra oral intro oral ...,
Types of examinations,
Comprehensive examination
51  cards
G. Mod. 3 Instrument Grasp
Why is the modified pen grasp imp...,
Parts of periodontal instrument,
Index and thumb
10  cards
G. Mod. 4 Use Of Dental Mouth Mirror
Types of mirror surfaces,
Front surface mirror,
Concave mirror surface
7  cards
G. Mod. 5 Finger Rests In Anterior Sextants
Advanced fulcrum,
Sequence for establishing finger ...
5  cards
Ch. 20 Periodontal Examination
Periodontal examination is a comp...,
Basic exam instruments,
Mouth mirror purposes and uses
47  cards
G. Mod. 6 Finger Rests In Mand. Posterior Sextants
0  cards
G. Mod. 7 Finger Rests In Maxillary Posterior Sextants
Only exception for extra oral fun...,
Surfaces away,
Surfaces toward
4  cards
G. Mod. 12 Perio and Basic Probe Techniques
Periodontal probe,
What is the use of a probe,
Other uses of a probe
28  cards
G. Mod. 13 Explorers
Explorers are used to detect toot...,
Supra gingival
21  cards
G. Mod. 8 Instrument Design & Classification
Why is handle design important ch...,
More pinch force,
Avoid handles that are
29  cards
G. Mod. 9 Technique-Movement And Orientation To Tooth Surface
Stages of psychomotor development,
Muscle memory,
14  cards
G. Mod. 10 Technique-Adaptation
Working end 3 parts,
Precise control of rolling the ha...
4  cards
Ch. 37 Instruments And Principles For Instrumentation
Assessment instrumentsremoval ins...,
3 major parts of a periodontal in...,
Ergonomic handles are
29  cards
G. Mod. 15 Sickle Scalers
Sickle scaler,
Design characteristics of sickle,
Anterior sickles
16  cards
G. Mod. 16 Technique Essentials: Subgingival Calculus Removal
Subgingival deposits,
Distribution of sub deposits may ...,
Common deposits on root surface
14  cards
G. Mod. 17 Universal Curets
Universal curet,
Universal curets can be used both,
Design characteristics
17  cards
G. Mod. 19 Area-Specific Curets
Area specific curet,
Unique design characteristics,
Cutting edges of area specific are
14  cards
Ch. 17 Dental Soft Deposits, Biofilm, Calculus, and Stain
Dental biofilm and other soft dep...,
Acquired pellicle,
Dental biofilm
24  cards
Ch. 21 Indices and Scoring Methods
Indices and scoring methods are u...,
In clinic an index scoring system...,
Individual assessment score is us...
15  cards
Ch. 26 Oral Infection Control: Toothbrushes and Toothbrushing
Tooth brush originated as,
First us patent,
Nylon bristles introduced in why
26  cards

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