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Ch. 1 - DNA
4 nitrogen bases,
53  cards
Presentation - ECM Of Animal Cells
Fibronectin attaches to ecm via _...,
Cancer cells must degrade _______...
22  cards
Ch. 1 Study Questions
What is the function of dna,
How do the structures of purines ...,
Which of the ribose carbons parti...
13  cards
Ch. 2 - RNA
Gene expression
91  cards
Ch. 2 Study Questions
Name three processing steps under...,
What is the function of polyadeny...,
What is unusual about the phospho...
15  cards
Ch. 3 - Proteins and the Genetic Code
Amino acid side chain,
What are the four groups of amino...
46  cards
Ch. 3 Study Questions
Indicate whether the following pe...,
Is the following peptide positive...,
Consider an rna template made fro...
8  cards
Lecture #1 - Basic Techniques
Genetic engineering,
Recombinant dna technology,
Key techniques of recombinant dna...
26  cards
Lecture #2 - Cell Culture & Protein Experiments
How can cells be isolated from in...,
In vitro
38  cards
Lecture #3 - DNA Transformation & Plasmid DNA Purification (Mini-Prep)
What are the three components of ...,
What are the two steps to cloning...
19  cards
Ch. 4 - Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods
What is the first step to nucleic...,
What mixture is used to lyse the ...,
Organic isolation of dna
20  cards
Ch. 4 Study Questions
After gel electrophoresis a 05 mi...,
Contrast the measurement of dna c...,
A blood sample was held at rt for...
8  cards
Ch. 5 - Resolution & Detection of Nucleic Acids
Dna is a _______ charged molecule...,
What is the min and max of agaros...
18  cards
Ch. 6 - Proteins
Purified dna can be labeled with ...,
What are the two methods of label...,
Give an example of both radioacti...
42  cards
Presentation - Hsp90
Molecular chaperone
2  cards
Ch. 6 Study Questions
What is the purpose of denaturati...,
Name two ways to permanently bind...,
If a probe for s blot was dissolv...
7  cards
Ch. 7 - Nucleic Acid Amplification
Rt pcr,
What are the 5 steps in rt pcr,
7  cards
Presentation - Ganglioside
0  cards
Presentation - p53
0  cards
Quiz #1
What is the main function of rest...,
Why are enzymes that produce stag...,
What reagent allows the visualiza...
21  cards
Quiz #2,3
Which of the following is the fir...,
Phenol chloroform in an aqueous s...,
In organic dna extraction methods...
39  cards
Quiz #4
If a high concentration of nacl w...,
Does an increase in temperature f...,
There are three methods to label ...
21  cards

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