diamonds & diamond grading

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Beyond The Essentials (Chapter 1, Key Terms & Concepts)
An estimation of the value of ana...,
Someone who sells toretailers rat...,
Diamond grades provide a consiste...
24  cards
Birth of the Modern Diamond Industry (Chapter 2, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
An agencydesigned to purchase sor...,
An independent diamond prospector,
A prospector s term for diamondde...
35  cards
The Modern Diamond Market (Chapter 3, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
A commitment to reserve a portion...,
De beers formalized commitment of...,
A traditional store consisting of...
36  cards
How Diamonds Form (Chapter 4, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
Earth s innermost layer,
Ancient large andstable parts of ...,
The surface and outermostlayer of...
33  cards
Exploring for Diamonds (Chapter 5, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
A deposit where gems areeroded fr...,
Large scale charactersampling,
Testing for the size shape clarit...
34  cards
Diamond Mining (Chapter 6, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
Underground mining that involvesb...,
Measureof a mine s productivity b...,
A recovery process thatseparates ...
39  cards
The Diamond Crystal (Chapter 7, Key Terms & Key Concept)
A solid mass of individual random...,
Plane parallel to a possible crys...,
A chemical bond formed by twoatom...
50  cards
Diamonds and Light (Chapter 8, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
The highest degree of lusterpossi...,
The angle at which a ray of light...,
The angle between the normaland a...
51  cards
The Evolution of Diamond Cutting (Chapter 9, Key Terms, Key Concepts, & Diamond Manufacturing Terms)
Placing the first 17 or18 facets ...,
Placement andpolishing of the sta...,
Forming the basic face upoutline ...
60  cards
Finding and Identifying Clarity Characteristics (Chapter 10, Key Terms, Key Concepts, & Diamond Clarity Characteristics)
Clarity characteristic that sconf...,
Internal or externalfeature of a ...,
Lighting of a diamond from the si...
63  cards
Grading Clarity (Chapter 11, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
Visible to the unaided eye withou...,
Inclusions orblemishes that estab...,
A map of a diamond s inclusions b...
33  cards
Diamonds And Color (Chapter 12, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
Annealing using heat to stabilize...,
Structural defect that influences...,
Yellow brown and gray diamondswit...
31  cards
Grading Color (Chapter 13, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
The basic face up color of acolor...,
A position that orientsa gemstone...,
A position that orients agemstone...
34  cards
Grading Proportions-Table, Crown, And Girdle (Chapter 14, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
The result achieved byadding the ...,
The angle formed by the bezel fac...,
The distance from thegirdle plane...
19  cards
Grading Proportions-Pavilion & Culet-And Evaluating Finish (Chapter 15, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
The care that goes into the fashi...,
The size of the facet at the bott...,
A diamond s physical shape includ...
19  cards
Grading Fancy Cuts (Chapter 16, Key Terms & Key Concept)
The slightly curving center of th...,
A dark area across the center of ...,
A cutting style in which triangul...
20  cards
Estimating Weight, Recutting, and Polishing (Chapter 17, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
Diamonds that can berepolished to...,
Diamonds that can be repolishedto...,
Recutting repairing damage or ref...
15  cards
Diamond Simulants (Chapter 18, Key Terms & Key Concept)
Any material that isnot diamond o...,
Two separate pieces of materialfu...,
Gemstone or simulant with a thinm...
14  cards
Laboratory-Grown Diamonds and Treatments (Chapter 19, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
An industrialprocess adapted to a...,
Graphite formation around adiamon...,
The length of time required for h...
28  cards
Succeeding in the Marketplace (Chapter 20, Key Terms & Key Concepts)
A selection of goods loanedto a d...,
A knowledgeable experienced and s...,
A discounted price for buying ane...
19  cards

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