1 diamonds & diamond grading

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1 Key Concepts
Diamond grades provide a consiste...,
Diamond grades are only part of t...,
The listed wholesale prices of di...
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1 Key Terms
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2 Key Concepts
Abundant south african diamond so...,
The diamond rush began with the d...,
Early south african diamond field...
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2 Key Terms
Central selling organisation cso,
Dry diggings
9  cards
3 Key Concepts
The cso controlled diamond prices...,
A finished piece of diamond jewel...,
The low wage indian cutting indus...
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3 Key Terms
Best practices principles bpp,
Brick and mortar retailer
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4 Key Concepts
Diamond and graphite are both mad...,
Diamonds form in cratons which ar...,
The carbon needed for diamond for...
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4 Key Terms
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5 Key Concepts
Growing diamond demand helps moti...,
It takes many years and millions ...,
Modern diamond exploration involv...
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5 Key Terms
Alluvial deposit,
Bulk sampling,
Character sampling
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6 Key Concepts
Most modern diamond mining operat...,
Improved technology caused a shif...,
Namibia holds perhaps the largest...
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6 Key Terms
Block caving,
Carats per hundred metric tons cpht,
Dense media separation
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7 Key Concepts
What is the strongest of all atom...,
How do diamond atoms bond compare...,
What is the most common habit of ...
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7 Key Terms
Cleavage plane,
Covalent bond
25  cards
8 Key Concepts
How should you view a fashioned d...,
What can a skilled cutter s facet...,
What is light
16  cards
8 Key Terms
Adamantine luster,
Angle of incidence,
Angle of reflection
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9 Key Concepts
A rough diamond s shape and cryst...,
When did the first polished diamo...,
The point cut and other early dia...
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9 Key Terms
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1 diamonds & diamond grading

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