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The foundations: logic and proof
Atomic proposition,
Compound propositions,
Conditional contrapositive invers...
147  cards
Chapter one, Revision Examples.
Let s x be the predicate x is a s...,
Let s x be the predicate x is a s...,
Let s x be the predicate x is a s...
19  cards
Basic Structures: Sets, Functions, Sequences, Sums, and Matrices
Set intuitive definition,
Notations to represent set,
Roaster method
112  cards
2.4 Sequences and Summations
Notation of sequence,
How do we describe sequences
27  cards
2.5 Cardinality of Sets
Same cardinality,
What does cardinality of infinite...,
Define what it means for oneset t...
19  cards
2.6 Matrices
Matrix what are they when are the...,
Some terminology about matrices,
Matrix addition
29  cards
9.1 Relations and their properties
Binary relation,
Binary relation notation,
Representation of relations at en...
20  cards
9.2 n-ary Relations and their Applications
N ary relations and its degree an...,
A b mod m,
The time required to manipulate i...
34  cards
9.3 Representing Relations
Representing relations using matr...,
Representation of reflexive relat...,
What can u say about matrix of a ...
12  cards
9.4 Closure Of Relations
Closure of relation,
Reflexive closure,
Suppose that relations s and t bo...
19  cards
3.1 Algorithms
Algorithm vs pseudocode
33  cards
Appendix 3 Pseudocode:
Procedure statements,
Assignment and other types of sta...
8  cards
3.2 The growth of functions
The time required to solve aprobl...,
The growth of functions is often ...,
What are the constants c and k in...
26  cards
3.3 Complexity Of Algorithms
How can the efficiency of an algo...,
What do you know about computaion...,
Time complexity how is it describ...
22  cards
4.1 Divisibility and Modular Arithmetic
Number theory,
Modular arithmetic,
Division definition and terms mul...
17  cards
4.2 Integer Representations and Algorithms
Theorem 1of allowed bases base b ...,
Common bases in comp sci,
Hexadecimal and binary interconve...
14  cards
4.3 Primes and Greatest Common Divisors
What is prime and composite whats...,
The fundamental theorem of arithm...,
Theorem 2 show given integer is p...
34  cards
4.4 Solving Congruences
Linear congruence,
Inverse of a modulo m,
Theroem 1 about inverse of a modu...
24  cards
4.5 Applications of Congruences
Hashing functions ideal hashing f...,
What is one unwanted charactersti...,
Linear probing function
14  cards
4.6 Cryptography
Caesar cipher,
29  cards
5.1 Mathematical Induction
How is mathematical induction goi...,
Vocab warning use of words,
Principle of mathematical inducti...
17  cards
6.1 The Basics Of Counting
The product rule,
An extended version of the produc...,
The sum rule
12  cards
6.2 The Pigeonhole Principle
The pigeonhole principleand prove...,
Corollary about functions from pi...,
Show that for every integer n the...
10  cards
6.3 Permutations and Combinations
A permutation of a set of n disti...,
R permutation,
Theoremwe now use the product rul...
14  cards
6.4 Binomial Coefficients and Identities
Binomial expression,
Obtain expansion of x y 3 using c...,
Theorem 1 the binomial theorem
14  cards
6.5 Generalized Permutations and Combinations
Thm 1 the number of r permutation...,
Theorem 2 r combinations from a s...,
Permutations with indistinguishab...
16  cards
6.6 Generating Permutations and Combinations
Generating the next permutation i...,
Generating the next permutation i...,
Generating the next permutation i...
8  cards
9.5 Equivalence Relations
Equivalence relation when do they...,
Definition notion of equivalent e...,
For the notion of equivalent elem...
8  cards
9.6 Partial Orderings
Partial order poset,
Denote that a b r in an arbitrary...
2  cards
10.1 Graphs and Graph Models
Graph visualize it,
What is an edge,
Finite and infinite graphs
13  cards
10.2 Graph Terminology and Special Types of Graphs
Adjacent vertices incident edge,
Degree of vertex
34  cards
10.3 Representing Graphs and Graph Isomorphism
When are 2 graphs isomorphic,
Representing graphs 1032,
Adjacency matrix for a graph how ...
12  cards
10.4 Connectivity
Definition 1 paths hints what is ...,
When it is not necessary to disti...,
Walk simple path and in this case...
27  cards
10.5 Euler and Hamilton Paths
Euler circuits and euler paths,
Necessary and sufficient conditio...,
Algorithm 1 constructing euler ci...
18  cards
10.6 Shortest-Path Problems
Weighted graphs length in these g...,
Theory of dijkstra s algorithmdo ...,
Algorithm 1 dijkstra s algorithm
7  cards
10.7 Planar Graphs
Planar graph planar representatio...,
The thickness of a graph crossing...,
Applications of planar graphs
13  cards
10.8 Graph Coloring
Dual graph of a map,
Graph coloring definition 1,
Definition 2 chromatic number
13  cards
11.1 Introduction to trees
Trees introduction,
Definition 1 tree,
23  cards
11.2 Applications of Trees
Binary search trees,
Algorithm 1 locating an item in o...,
The complexity of locating or add...
14  cards
7.1 An intro to Discrete Probability
Probability vocab,
Sample space and event
7  cards
7.2 Probability theory
Let s be the sample space of an e...,
What if the sample space is infinite,
Probability distribution
25  cards
7.3 Baye's theorem
Bayes theorem derive it solve exa...,
Generalized bayes theorem,
Bayesian spam filter
7  cards
7.4 Expected Value and Variance
What is expected value what infor...,
Definition 1 expected value,
When there are infinitely many el...
19  cards
11.3 Tree traversal
0  cards

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