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Basic Anatomy & Physiology
What is the axial length of the a...,
What is another word for the eyel...,
What muscle relaxes to allow the ...
40  cards
Anatomy Exam
What are the two parts of the fir...,
What is the inner most layer of t...,
How does the cornea primarily rec...
50  cards
Crystalline Lens, Presbyopia and Cataracts
The anterior most layers of the c...,
Cataracts will only form in the n...,
The amplitude of accommodation fo...
20  cards
Formulas and Optical Theory
Tp sphere power cylinder power x ...,
N1 sin i n2 sin r,
Angle i angle r
41  cards
Light - Deviation - Index of Refraction - Snell's Law
A group of rays emitted from a si...,
We use the acronym roy g biv to h...,
Which wave length of ultra violet...
25  cards
Metric Review
Convert 3mm to cm,
Convert 5 cm to mm,
Convert 1 m to cm
10  cards
Muscles of the Eye
What is the difference between ex...,
Define the three positions of the...,
What is the difference between ad...
11  cards
Refractive Errors
100 100 x180,
050 200 x030
15  cards
Refractive Status of the Human Eye
Which answer best explains 20 20 ...,
Which identifies the smallest ang...,
Which best identifies the visual ...
39  cards
Vol. 1 - Chapter 1 - History
For what purpose was the chinese ...,
Since the first lenses were plus ...,
Here lies the inventor of spectac...
8  cards
Basic Math
150 150,
775 275,
600 375
40  cards
Organizations, Professions, Regulations
Which organization is responsible...,
Which organization places primary...,
The organization is responsible f...
14  cards
Anatomy Worksheet
What are the two parts of the fir...,
What is the thickest layer of the...,
What is the limbus
24  cards
Terms and definitions
A ab,
A an,
88  cards
______ is defined as a group of o...,
The condition of a person with an...,
A an _____ is defined as any opac...
28  cards
Refractive Errors Worksheet
The refractive condition that bri...,
The refractive condition in which...,
Which best identifies the visual ...
30  cards
Visual Pathways
Where does the optic nerve begin ...,
What is the name of the opening i...,
What takes place in the optic chiasm
10  cards
Practice Exam
Visible light is in the range of ...,
The reason that you see a red col...,
Put the following in correct pres...
31  cards

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