dr jekyll & mr hyde­čĺ«(for me only)

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Decks in this class (24)

Analysis of chapter 1
Story of the Door
10  cards
Analysis of chapter 2
Search for Mr Hyde
11  cards
Analysis of chapter 3
Dr Jekyll was quite at ease
5  cards
Analysis of chapter 4
The Carew murder case
10  cards
Analysis of chapter 5
Incident of the letter
10  cards
Analysis of chapter 6
Remarkable incident of Dr Lanyon
5  cards
Analysis of chapter 7
Incident at the window
4  cards
Analysis of chapter 8
The last night
15  cards
Analysis of chapter 9
Dr Lanyon's narrative
9  cards
Analysis of chapter 10
Henry Jekyll's full statement of the case
15  cards
Henry Jekyll & Edward Hyde
Give an example that shows jekyll...,
Does jekyll think his desires wer...,
Give an example from the novella ...
21  cards
Gabriel Utterson
What is utterson s job,
Give an example that shows utters...,
Which of these adjectives best de...
10  cards
Dr Hastie Lanyon
Why was jekyll never more disappo...,
Which of these connects lanyon ut...
5  cards
Mr Enfield, Poole and Others
How is enfield important to the p...,
How does the novella hint that en...,
What role does danvers carew play...
10  cards
Life in Victorian Britain
context and themes
8  cards
context and themes
5  cards
Dual Nature of Man
context and themes
9  cards
Science and Religion
context and themes
15  cards
context and themes
5  cards
Structure and Narrative
The writer's techniques
10  cards
Setting and Symbolism
The writer's techniques
13  cards
Language and Dialogue
The writer's techniques
15  cards
'Jekyll and Hyde' as a Gothic Novel
The writer's techniques
5  cards
Key quotes
I let my brother,
Who says i let my brother go to t...,
Explain the meaning of this quote
92  cards

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dr jekyll & mr hyde­čĺ«(for me only)

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