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a world turned upside down: section A: England in c. 1603
The landed hierachy,
What social mobility was availble,
Family structure
12  cards
Inherited problems,
Differences between james and eli...,
James royal extravagance
44  cards
key quotes and dates for 17th century
Conrad russel,
Hampton court conference,
Millenary petition
9  cards
charles 1 1625-1646
Personal rule financial policies 9,
Religious policies personal rule,
Social policies of the personal rule
44  cards
section B: the reign of James 1 1603-1625: policies and parliaments
Charles 1 personality,
Quote about charless personality,
La rochelle
15  cards
dates and key info 1646-60
Newcastle propositions,
Heads of proposals,
The engagement
40  cards
1646-60 detailed flash cards
Prides purge,
Charless trial,
What happened before charless trial
45  cards
charles 1 1625-1646 dates
First bishops war,
Second bishops war,
Short parliament
20  cards
End of Personal Rule by me
When and why is the short parliam...,
When and what was the convocation...,
When was the long parliament summ...
33  cards
Charles PPR
When and what was the cadiz exped...,
How does charles attempt to limit...,
Whats parliaments response to buc...
16  cards
Charles PR
When was catechising,
When and what was the book of orders,
When and what was the book of orders
23  cards
Historian Quotes
Kishlansky on parliament prior to...,
Kishlansky on james religious police,
Kishlansky on james spendin
19  cards
Key Stats
What was the royal debt in 1610 h...,
How much did court expenditure in...,
How much did james spend on jewel...
8  cards
When and what was the hampton cou...,
When and what was the great contract,
What happened during the parliame...
5  cards
Flashcards A1
When and what was the outcome of ...,
When and what was the cadiz exped...,
What was the outcome of the cadiz...
8  cards
Key Events Dates - 1st War
When and what triggered the civil...,
When was the battle of edgehill,
When was the battle of turnham green
27  cards
Key Event Details - 1st War
What was the significance of the ...,
What was the significance of the ...,
What was was parliaments demands ...
28  cards
Key Events Dates - Post war to Execution
When were the newcastle propositi...,
When was scotlands final attempt ...,
When was charles handed over to p...
41  cards
Key Events Details - Post war
What were the newcastle propositions,
What was the scottish proposition...,
What were the terms of charles ha...
16  cards
Key Events Dates - Post Execution
When did the scots proclaim charl...,
When was lilburnes englands new c...,
When was an act aboloshing monarchy
78  cards
Who lead the levellers,
What was the levellers political ...,
When was the leveller manifesto a...
14  cards

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