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Exam 1: Introduction to Drugs and Behavior
___ is an administered chemical s...,
The study of drugs and their acti...,
The study of drug effects on mood...
51  cards
Exam 1: Pharmacology
Specified amount of medication su...,
Amount number and frequency of do...,
Specific molecular changes produc...
45  cards
Exam 1: Quiz 1: Pharmacodynamics Pt. 1
Drug effects that can be directly...,
Drug effects felt by individual b...,
A drugs mechanism of action
17  cards
Exam 1 Quiz 2: Pharmacodynamics Pt 2
Study of the physiological and bi...,
39  cards
Exam 1 Quiz 2: Pharmacodynamics Pt. 3
Reduced response to a drug after ...,
Tolerance to 1 drug can reduce ef...,
Tolerance develops during single ...
23  cards
Exam 1: Drug Abuse and Addiction
Chronically relapsing disorder ch...,
Physical dependence,
36  cards
Exam 2: Acetylcholine
Neurons that use ach are called,
Where are acetylcholine neuron ce...,
Involved in attention memory lear...
30  cards
Exam 2: Nicotine
What is nicotine,
Some history of nicotine,
Legal status 1994 200s
33  cards
Exam 2: Nicotine Pt. 2
Nicotine is an agonist for,
High doses of nicotine lead to pe...,
What is it when the cell cannot f...
45  cards
Exam 2: Caffeine
What is the most widely used psyc...,
Where is caffeine found
42  cards
Exam 2: Monoamines
2 types of monoamines examples in...,
What neurotransmitters share a bi...,
Catecholamine synthesis begins wi...
53  cards
Exam 2: Cocaine
Produce modest stimulatory effect...,
Increase cns activity by a signif...,
47  cards
Exam 2: Amphetamines
What neurotransmitter are ampheta...,
Two similar plant compounds,
Amphetamines original purposes
35  cards
Exam 3: Hallucinogens
3 broad categories of hallucinoge...,
Substances that produce distortio...,
Properties of psychadelic mind ex...
51  cards
Exam 3: Cannabinoids
For the cannabinoid system was th...,
Psychoactive cannabinoids exert t...,
What are the 2 natural endocannab...
79  cards
Exam 3: Glutamate and GABA
Glutamate is stored and presumabl...,
Glutamate is synthesized from ___...,
3 vesicular glutamate transporters
31  cards
Exam 3: Alcohol
Form of alcohol used in beverages,
Toxic forms of alcohol,
Methanol metabolites and posionin...
31  cards
Exam 3: Alcohol Part 3
Physiological symptoms of acute a...,
Bac 002 003,
Bac 005 006
30  cards
Exam 3: Opiates
Dried powdered mixture of 20 alka...,
Any agent derived from opium morp...,
All substances exogenous and endo...
85  cards
Exam 4: Anxiety Disorders
Most common type of psychiatric d...,
3 major categories of anxiety dis...,
Anxiety symptoms
46  cards
Exam 4: Anxiety Part 2
Hormones and neurotransmitters in...,
Corticotropin releasing factor crf,
Neurochemistry of crf normal person
31  cards
Exam 4: Anxiety Pharmacokinetics
Drugs that relieve anxiety are,
Sedative hypnotic drugs,
Benzodiazepines are used for what...
56  cards
Exam 4: Affective Disorders
Disturbances of mood typically ac...,
What are the 2 types of affective...,
Recurring episodes of dysphoria a...
34  cards
Exam 4: Affective Disorders Pt 2
Characteristics of depression cir...,
What systems do circadian rhythms...,
Depression and circadian rhythms
24  cards
Exam 4: Treatment for Affective Disorders
Serotonin and depression,
Tryptophan challenge
54  cards
Final: Schizophrenia
Characteristics of schizophrenia,
Prevalence of schizophrenia,
What are some environmental risk ...
46  cards
Final: Antipsychotic Drugs
Extreme form of slowness absence ...,
Drugs that produce neurolepsis,
Examples of classical neuroleptics
34  cards

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