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Big O
Definition of big o,
Does it depend on speed,
What do u calculate
22  cards
What is special about an array,
How to calculate the position of ...
20  cards
Linked List
What are the operations of a link...,
What is the purpose of abstract d...,
What are sentinel nodes
9  cards
What are the main operations on a...,
What kind of problem u can fix wi...,
How to solve the balanced bracket...
6  cards
What is the order of operations i...,
Is the queue a concrete class or ...,
What are other types of queues
12  cards
Hash Table
What are the properties of a hash...,
What are hashing rules,
What could go wrong in while usin...
54  cards
Properties of a set,
Benefits of a set
5  cards
Bit Manipulation
What is a bit,
What are the bitwise operators,
Why do we use bit manipulation
10  cards
Trees intro
What r the general types of trees,
Why are trees important and there...,
What is the recursive definition ...
13  cards
Binary Search Trees
What is a binary search tree,
Where do u start in a bst,
What to do when u want to delete ...
17  cards
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Robert Lafore
0  cards
Mastering DataStructure and Algorithms with C and C++
What is a reference,
What are the two phases of recursion,
What is the difference between re...
13  cards
What is the input to any computer,
What does electricity represent i...,
What is the highest you can count...
38  cards
Java DS and Algo MasterClass
What is a datastructure,
What is an algorithm,
What makes a good algorithm
15  cards

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