dtcc anatomy & physiology

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Overview of Anatomy
Whats anatomy,
Whats physiology,
Whats andother word for gross ana...
44  cards
Anatomical Landmarks
What is the landmark that is righ...,
Landmark in middle of forheaf,
Landmark of the eye
32  cards
Chemistry of Life Vocab
Atomic number,
85  cards
Basic Elements,Bio/Macromolecules
Bonds occur between atoms so,
What are globular functional prot...,
29  cards
Cells,Tissues and Plasma Membrane
Can proteins be inside the membrane,
Rough er
56  cards
Transport Across the Plasma Membrane Class Notes
What are the two ways substances ...,
What is simple diffusion,
Facillitated diffusion
22  cards
Stages of Mitosis
List the stages of mitosis in order,
What are the 2 major periods of t...,
What are the cells that dont repr...
15  cards
Cells study guide
What structures serve as the skel...,
What is the easiest phase to see ...,
Rna uses transcription in what pl...
28  cards
Types of Cells
Simplified definition of an epith...,
Simplified def of a connective ti...,
Simplified defof a muscle tissue
32  cards
Identify Tissues/Cells
Transitional epithelium,
12  cards
over skin notes
Functions of integumentary system,
Whats keratin
27  cards
The Skeletal System
What are the 2 types of membranes,
Fribrous layer
40  cards
Bone Terms
Body of a bone,
Name and give examples,
25  cards
Cranial Bones
Name 13,
Name 3,
25  cards
Bone Markings
Name and describe,
33  cards
Muscluar System Exhibition Lab
What are the 7 reasons that you n...,
Muscles are a very complex group ...,
Whats another name for a group of...
24  cards
Muscles Classwork
Muscles are so important because ...,
What can muscles transform chemic...,
Whats the 3 types of muscle
59  cards
Name the Muscles
Extensor carpi ulnaris,
Spelnius capitis,
Vastus lateralis
34  cards
Muscle Fiber Contraction: Classwork
Whats molecular composition of my...,
What 3 things consist in molecula...,
Elastin filament
22  cards
Brain Anatomy Notebook Lab Notes
Arbor vitae,
Circle of willis
26  cards
Cranial Nerves
Name the cranial nerves in order,
Mmnemonic to remeber the function...,
14  cards
Nervous System Lecture Notes
Whats the midbrain,
Schawnn cells,
Axon terminal
69  cards
CNS and PNS Foldable
13  cards
Functions of the Nervous System Notes
What is the nervous,
Whats the three functions of the ...,
42  cards
Spinal Nerves And Reflexes
How many pairs of spinal nerves a...,
Name the pairs of cervical thorac...,
How is each spinal nerve connecte...
19  cards
Name the Eye and Ear Anatomy
24  cards
Special Senses Review questions
What is the tunic of the eye that...,
Whts the transparent portion of t...,
Whats the function of the iris
23  cards
Endocrine System 16.1-16.3
How does the endocrine system act...,
Whats the 5 things the endocrine ...,
Exocrine glands
29  cards
Endocrine System Continued
How is the endocrine system contr...,
Hormone release is triggered by w...,
What three stimuli does endocrine...
47  cards
Endocrine Glands, Hormones and Functions
Name all the hormones of the pitu...,
What is prl,
Whaw is acth
21  cards
Endocrine System Study Guide
What does the endocrine system re...,
What does the endocrine system ma...,
What structure does endocrine gla...
48  cards
Unit 4: Quantifying Reactions Vocab
0  cards

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