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Organizational Structure
Where is cg headquarters,
Cg headquarters is the _______,
The senior officer at headquarter...
32  cards
Role in Armed Conflicts
When did congress authorize the c...,
When did congress empower us nava...,
How many prizes did cutters captu...
66  cards
Established Missions
Today s cg is a multi mission org...,
When did the federal lifesaving s...,
What coast experienced the greate...
104  cards
Commissioning Program
Know the commissioning programs a...,
Co s may recommend _____ and abov...,
Enlisted members seeking appointm...
14  cards
Enlisted Achievements/Awards
What year did twin sisters genevi...,
What year did the first 5 african...,
What are the names of the first 5...
81  cards
Supervisors Responsibility
The supervisor will be an ________,
Upon completion of the employee r...,
Have the evaluee submit a
3  cards
Documenting Performance
Unsatisfactory conduct marks must...
1  cards
Stress Management Interventions
Stress is defined as,
Taking care of oneself is an effe...,
When over stressed developing a r...
5  cards
Coast Guard Property Policies
Excess property,
A survey,
Reports of surveys
5  cards
Verbal Communication
__________ requires you to be abl...,
A good verbal communicator has th...,
Voice interaction
11  cards
Four Leadership Catergories
The four categories of leadership...,
Fundamental to successful develop...,
Leadership involves working with ...
10  cards
Evaluating a Subordinate
When is the midpoint for semiannu...,
When is the midpoint for annual r...,
When is reservereviews mid point
12  cards
Counseling a Subordinate
Counseling must take place not la...,
An _________ is a tool to help me...
2  cards
E-5/E-6 EPME
The coast guard employs two types...,
Examples of non resident training...,
Most c school classrooms are loca...
90  cards

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