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NCOERs AR 623-3
MOI Based
14  cards
Army Physical Readiness Training FM 7-22
What fm covers physical fitness t...,
What are the three phases of phys...,
What does fitt stand for
14  cards
Chain Of Command
When was the nco support channel ...,
What is sergeamst business,
What is a srgeant
12  cards
Aer closely coordinates with what...,
What is aer,
What does aer stand for
11  cards
CBRN (FM 3-11)
What does jslist stand for,
What does mopp stand for,
When under a nbc attack when do y...
16  cards
First Aid (FM 4-25.11)
What is self aid,
Name some items you might use as ...,
What is the quickest way to splin...
16  cards
Rifle Marksman Ship (FM 3-22.9)
What is the fm concerning the m4 ...,
Name the five phases in basoc tif...,
What are the four fundamentals of...
10  cards
Map Reafing And Land Nav (FM 3-25.26)
What is the field manual for map ...,
What are the basic colors of a ma...,
What are military symbols
18  cards
Counseling (FM 6-22)
What are some techniques leaders ...,
What field manual covers counseling,
What are the characteristics of e...
21  cards
History Of The Army And Nco Guide
How many sma have there been,
Who was the first sergeant major ...,
What year was the sergeant major ...
12  cards
Drill And Ceremony (TC 3-21.5)
What are the 3 marching steps use...,
What fm covers drill and ceremony,
What is a review
21  cards
Guard Duty (FM 22-6)
What are the three general orders,
What two types of orders can a gu...,
What are you normally responsible...
15  cards
Wear And Appearance Of The Uniform (AR 670-1)
Why is the flag worn on the right...,
How is the beret properly worn,
Who is authorized to wear insigni...
18  cards
Command Supply Discipline Promgram (AR 710-2)
What ar covers supply economy,
Who is responsible for supply eco...,
What is a report survey
15  cards
Army Command Policy (AR 600-20)
What ar covers the policies and r...,
What is command,
What is a commander
6  cards
Military Customes And Courtesies (FM 7-21.13)
What army regulation covers salut...,
When do you salute inside a building,
Enlisted members generally do not...
9  cards

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