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What does dysphagia mean,
What is the term given to painful...,
What causes dysphagia
14  cards
What is tonsilitis,
What causes tonsilitis,
Describe the signs and symptoms o...
23  cards
Salivary Gland Disease
Name the 3 pairs of salivary glands,
What is sialadenitis,
What causes sialadenitis
16  cards
Deep Neck Infections
What is a retropharyngeal abscess,
What are the clinical features of...,
How should a suspected retrophary...
11  cards
Rhinosinusitis and Sinusitis
What is rhinosinusitis,
How does rhinosinusitis present,
Describe acute rhinosinusitis
27  cards
Cholesteatoma and Mastoiditis
What is cholesteatoma,
What causes cholesteatoma,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
11  cards
Otitis Externa
What is otitis externa,
What causes otitis externa,
What are the clinical features of...
12  cards
Otitis Media
What is otitis media,
What are the risk factors for oti...,
What organisms cause bacterial ot...
14  cards
Pinna Trauma FB and Wax
What is pinna haematoma,
What are the risk factors for pin...,
What are the clinical features of...
11  cards
Deafness and Hearing Tests
What is webers test,
What is rinnes test,
What is pure tone audiometry
33  cards
Tinnitus and Vertigo
What is tinnitus,
How does tinnitus caused by patho...,
How do you classify tinnitus
34  cards
Facial Nerve Palsy
Where does the facial nerve come ...,
What functions does the facial ne...,
What is the route of the facial n...
13  cards
Nasal Trauma
Which arteries supply blood to th...,
What commonly causes nose bleeds,
What are the management steps for...
23  cards
Dysphonia and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
What causes snoring,
What causes obstructive sleep apnoea,
What are the risk factors for obs...
17  cards
Lumps in the Neck and ENT Cancers
How should a lump in the neck be ...,
What are branchial cysts and fist...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
23  cards

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