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What is vertigo,
What symptoms is vertigo associat...,
Pathophysiology of vertigo
22  cards
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
What is bppv,
Presentation of bppv,
Pathophysiology of bppv
9  cards
Menieres Disease
What is menieres disease,
Triad of menieres disease,
Symptoms of menieres disease
10  cards
Vestibular neruonitis
What is vestibular neuronitis,
Pathophysiology of vestibular neu...,
Presentation fo vestibular neuron...
8  cards
Acoustic Neuroma
What is an acoustic neuroma,
What are bilateral acoustic neuro...,
Presentation of acoustic neuroma
7  cards
Hearing Loss
Two categories of hearing loss,
What causes conductive hearing loss,
What is sensorineural hearing loss
15  cards
What is presbycysis,
What type of hearing loss is pres...,
Causes of hearing loss
7  cards
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
What is eustachian tube dysfunction,
What does the eustachian tube do,
Presentation of eustachian tube d...
9  cards
What is otosclerosis,
Cause of otosclerosis,
Who is otosclerosis more common in
9  cards
What is tinnitus,
Where does the additional noise c...,
Causes of primary tinnitus
9  cards
Nasal Infections and Inflammation
What is sinusitis,
What usually accompanies sinusitis,
What classes as acute sinusitis
23  cards
Nasal Polyps
What are nasal polyps,
What signs of polyps is a red flag,
Associations of nasal polyps
6  cards
Obstructive sleep apnoea
What causes obstructive sleep apnoea,
Risk factors for obstructive slee...,
Features of obstructive sleep apnoea
8  cards
Throat infections
Most common cause of tonsilitis,
Most common bacterial cause of to...,
Treatment of bacterial tonsilitis
31  cards
Neck Lumps
Differentials of neck lumps,
Differentials of neck lumps in ch...,
Neck lump red flags
12  cards
Head and Neck Cancer
Locations of head and neck cancers,
Risk factors,
Red flag symptoms
14  cards
Tongue Conditions
What is glossitis,
What happens to the papillae of t...,
Causes of glossitis
18  cards
Mouth and Gum conditions
What is leukoplakia,
What can leukoplakia predispose to,
Presentation of leukoplakia
27  cards
Ear Infections
What is otitis externa,
Symptoms of otitis externa,
Precipitating factors for otitis ...
45  cards
Presentations in ENT
Five main presentations of the ear,
Five main presentations of the nose,
Five main presentations of the th...
17  cards
Ear Conditions
What is a pinna haematoma,
Cause of pinna haematoma,
Common sports to suffer from pinn...
17  cards
Septum Conditions
What is a septal haematoma,
Cause of septal haematoma,
Complications of septal haematoma
16  cards
What is a subglottic cyst,
Cause of subglottic cyst,
Presentation of subglottic cyst
16  cards
Layngeal Conditions
What is layngeal papillomatosis,
Cause of laryngeal papillomatosis,
What is recurrent respiratory pap...
11  cards

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