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Block 1 - Command SORM & Organization
What is composed of elements of t...,
What are the unified commands,
What are the geographic commands
78  cards
Block 4 - Occupational and Personal Saftey
What is a systematic decision mak...,
The orm encompasses a ____ step p...,
What are the five steps in the or...
39  cards
Block 5 - CBRNE Warfare
What is the employment of chemica...,
What are the types of chemical ag...,
What are the liquid casualty agen...
40  cards
Block 6 - Firefighting Fundamentals
What is the primary duty of the f...,
What is the secondary responsibil...,
What is a simple model that inclu...
25  cards
Block 7 - Airfield and Flight Deck Familiarization
What is essential to personal lea...,
What are the required flightline ...,
What are paved areas that are use...
27  cards
Block 8 - Aircraft Handling Fundementals
Aircraft have to be tied down to ...,
What category of tie down is up t...,
A minimum of how many chains are ...
32  cards
Block 9 - Security and Force Protection
Which offices provide management ...,
What are some of the departments ...,
What are a series of measures des...
20  cards
Block 10 - Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP)
Which programs to achieve and con...,
Which program helps to standardiz...,
Who is in charge of namp
79  cards
Block 11 - Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
Which program is a positive appro...,
In what year was natops establish...,
What was the first standardizatio...
22  cards
Block 12 - Naval Aviation Heritage
When was the first take off from ...,
Who was the civilian pilot who to...,
When did captain wi chambers prep...
46  cards
Block 14 - Fundamentals of Flight
What pertains to the rate of chan...,
What is the rate of movement in t...,
What pertains to the quickness or...
82  cards
Block 15 - Organizational Maintenance/Intermediate Maintenance (OOMA/OIMA)
What does nalcomis stand for,
What does ooma stand for,
What does oima stand for
27  cards
Block 16 - Naval Aviation Platforms and Missions
There are six basic core capabili...,
Key capability that establishes m...,
Aligned to the national belief th...
46  cards
Block 17 - Hazardous Material / Hazardous Waste
What is defined as any material t...,
Once these materials have been us...,
What are technical bulletins cont...
11  cards
Block 18 - Hangar Familiarization
What is designated to provide and...,
What are the three types of hanga...,
What type of hangar is primarily ...
22  cards
Block 19 - Energy Conservation
In october 2010 what did the cno ...,
Which program is designed to opti...,
What are the air encon program pi...
12  cards
Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center (AATCC)
Are planning board is usually con...,
What pertains to the scheduling o...,
They air planning board is co cha...
115  cards
What does aatcc stand for,
What does cic stand for,
What does jic stand for
96  cards
Who is the weapons department hea...,
Who is the ordnance handling offi...,
What are the five divisions in th...
134  cards
Combat Systems
The mk15 phalanx is what type of ...,
The mk15 phalanx is a function of...,
What acts of the ships last measu...
49  cards
What does aimd stand for,
Who is our maintenance officer mo,
What does the mo do
58  cards
What is the aviation supply on sh...,
What are the two sections of asd,
The srs is divided into how many ...
115  cards

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