economics revision 2 (macro)

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Introducing Macroeconomics
What is macroeconomics,
What are the terms that are used ...,
What are households
14  cards
Circular Flow Of Income
What does the circular flow of in...,
What can be calculated from the c...,
3 injections
11  cards
Measuring National Income
What is national income,
What is measuring the level and r...,
What is gdp
22  cards
Standard Of Living And Well Being
What does the standard of living ...,
What is the baseline measure,
What is real income per capita
19  cards
Aggregate Demand
Components of aggregate demand,
What are shocks,
Some causes of ad shocks
4  cards
Consumer Spending
What is consumption,
What is the biggest single compon...,
What is the base interest rate
22  cards
Household Saving
What is saving,
What is disposable income,
What are some motivations for saving
10  cards
Capital Investment
What is investment,
In market economies who does most...,
What is gross investment
18  cards
Understanding Aggregage Supply
What does aggregate supply measure,
What is short run aggregate supply,
What is long run aggregate supply
26  cards
Macroeconomic Equilibrium
Where is macroeconomic equilibrium,
What matters about macroeconomic ...,
What does an increase in aggregat...
10  cards
The Economic Cycle
What is an economic cycle,
What is a boom,
What is a business cycle
29  cards
Multiplier And Accelerator Effect
What is the multiplier process,
What does the multiplier effect c...,
What can the multiplier effect le...
13  cards
Economic Growth
What is economic growth,
What is short term growth,
What is long term growth
30  cards
What is inflation,
How is the rate of inflation meas...,
What is the uk government s infla...
39  cards
What is deflation,
Demand side causes of deflation,
Supply side causes of deflation
6  cards
Employment And Unemployment
Who is unemployed,
What does unemployment mean,
What is the claimant count
29  cards
Policied To Reduce Unemployment
Reducing occupational immobility,
Reducing the geographical immobil...,
Benefit and tax reforms
12  cards
Labour Migration And Macroeconomic Performance In The UK
About how many people are estimat...,
Economic benefits of inward migra...,
Arguments against large scale inw...
5  cards
Globalisation And Trade
What is globalisation,
What does globalisation involve,
What of the world output does the...
17  cards
Balance Of Payments
What does he bop record,
What is a positive entry into the...,
What is a negative entry into the...
26  cards
Monetary Policy
What does monetary policy involve,
What does monetary policy influence,
What are the functions of money
24  cards
Monetary Policy 2
What do changes in interest rates...,
How do changes in interest rates ...,
How do changes in interest rates ...
11  cards
Quantitative Easing
When was quantitative easing firs...,
What is the aim of qe,
What are the aims of qe
10  cards
Exchange Rates
What does the xr measure,
What is the value of the currency...,
What are the main currency traders
19  cards
Fiscal Policy
What does fiscal policy involve,
What is fiscal policy also a way ...,
What to changes in fiscal policy ...
35  cards
Fiscal Policy 2
What does benefits in kind include,
What are discretionary fiscal cha...,
What are automatic stabilisers
25  cards
Fiscal Policy 3
Potential benefits of a budget de...,
How can government borrowing bene...,
How is the budget deficit a tool ...
8  cards
Supply-Side Policies
What are supply side policies,
What do successful supply side po...,
What do most governments believe ...
15  cards
Supply-Side Policies 2
What is de regulation or liberali...,
What is the aim of market deregul...,
Why do most supply side economist...
15  cards
Supply-Side Policies 3
Spending on r d uk,
Biggest barriers to innovation,
How has the british government tr...
22  cards
Supply-Side policies UK Shale Gas And The UK Economy
Since when has the uk been a net ...,
How can you extract shake gas,
Costs of extraction exploration
6  cards
Keynesian Economics
What is keynesian economic focuse...,
What do keynesian economists beli...,
What can the volatility of ad be ...
15  cards
Strenghts And Weaknesses Of Demand Side Policiss
What do demand side policies focu...,
What is important,
What do effective demand side pol...
11  cards
Possible Conflicts Between Macro Objectives
Conflicting aims,
How is there conflict between inf...,
How is there conflict between eco...
5  cards
Unemployment And Inflation - The Philips Curve Concept
What does the philips curve explore,
What does the philips curve suggest,
What could the government want to...
7  cards
Economics Growth And The Balance Of Payments
How may economic growth and the b...,
What does the conflict between ec...,
Policies to improve the trade bal...
6  cards
Key Terms
Aaa credit rating,
As shock,
48  cards

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