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1- Measures of economic performance
0  cards
2- Aggregate Demand
Aggregate demand definition,
Aggregate demand formula,
Components of ad
12  cards
3- Consumption
Consumption definition,
Amount of ad that consumption tak...,
What determines levels of consump...
12  cards
4- Investment
Investment definition,
Gross investment definition,
Net investment definition
13  cards
5- Government expenditure
Main influences on government exp...,
What is government spending,
What determines levels of governm...
21  cards
6- Net trade (X-M)
What are the main influences of n...,
How does real income affect net t...,
How exchange rates affect net tra...
7  cards
7- Aggregate Supply
Aggregate supply definition,
Short run aggregate supply demand,
Short run defintion
21  cards
8- National Income
What is the key measure of nation...,
Gdp definition,
Real gdp
26  cards
9- The Multiplier and Circular Flow of Income
Multiplier definition,
What causes the multiplier effect,
Positive multiplier
26  cards
10- Economic Growth
Economic growth definition,
Objective of economic growth,
What is trend growth
48  cards
11- Inflation
Inflation definition,
Deflation definition,
Disinflation definition
34  cards
12- Employment and unemployment
How can unemployment rate be meas...,
Economically inactive,
Economically active
19  cards
13- Balance of Payments
0  cards
14- Possible macroeconomic objectives
0  cards
15- Demand-side policies
Strengths of demand side policies,
Weaknesses of demand side policies
2  cards
16- Supply-side policies
Strengths of supply side policies,
Weaknesses of supply side policies
2  cards
17- Conflicts and trade-offs
0  cards
18- Quantitative methods
Purpose of index numbers,
Base of index number,
How to calculate index number
14  cards
Net trade definition,
Net immigration definition,
Interest rate definition
11  cards

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