edexcel a economics themes 1 and 2

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Micro 1 - Nature of Economics
Define utility,
What are the two types of economi...,
What are positive statements
29  cards
Micro 2 - PPFs, Specialisation and functions of money
What does ppf stand for,
What is a ppf,
What two categories of products a...
43  cards
Micro 3 - Demand and Supply
Define the term margin,
How do you calculate marginal cost,
What does traditional economic th...
41  cards
Micro 4 - Price mechanism and economic systems
What are markets,
What does each buyer or seller in...,
Since everyone is considered to b...
66  cards
Micro 5 - Price elasticity of demand
Define price elasticity of demand,
What is the formula for calculati...,
Is ped a percentage
38  cards
Micro 6 - Income Elasticity of Demand and Cross Elasticity of Demand
Define income elasticity of demand,
What is the abbreviation for inco...,
What is the formula for calculati...
42  cards
Micro 7 - Price Elasticity of Supply
Define price elasticity of supply,
What does pes mean,
What is the formula for calculati...
42  cards
Micro 8 - Consumer and Producer Surplus
Where are consumer and producer s...,
What is consumer surplus,
If someone was prepared to pay 10...
14  cards
Micro 9 - Introduction to Market Failure and Externalitites
What are the 3 causes of market f...,
When does market failure occur,
How commonly does market failure ...
65  cards
Micro 10 - Information Gaps and public Goods
What are two examples of public g...,
What are public goods,
What are the two main characteris...
33  cards
Micro 11 - Government Intervention in markets 1: State provision of public goods, information provision and regulation
Define the term state provision,
Why are public goods often state ...,
What type of goods are usually st...
29  cards
Micro 12 - Government Intervention in markets 2: Indirect taxation and subsidies
What is meant by internalising an...,
What is a subsidy,
Why may governments provide a sub...
50  cards
Micro 13 - Government intervention in markets 3: Maximum and minimum prices and tradable permits
What are tradable pollution permi...,
How do tradable pollution permits...,
What is the relationship between ...
26  cards
Micro 14 - Government Failure
0  cards
Macro 1 - An Introduction to Macroeconomics
What are the four main government...,
What are the three non main gover...,
Define the term economic growth
18  cards
Macro 2 - Aggregate Demand
Define the term aggregate demand,
What is the formula used to calcu...,
What are the different components...
48  cards
Macro 3 - Aggregate Supply
Define the term aggregate supply,
How many types of aggregate suppl...,
What are the two different type o...
38  cards
Macro 4 - National Income
Define the term income,
Define the term wealth,
What is the circular flow of income
30  cards
Macro 5 - Employment and Unemployment
Define the term unemployment,
What is the level of unemployment,
Define the term workforce
28  cards
Macro 6 - Economic growth - measurement, causes and consequences
What are the two types of economi...,
Define the term economic growth,
Define the term actual economic g...
43  cards
Macro 7 - Inflation
How is the consumer price index c...,
What are some of the limitations ...,
What is the consumer price index
14  cards
Macro 8 - The current account of the balance of payments and exchange rates
What is the balance of payments,
What is the balance of payments m...,
What is the current account
29  cards
Macro 9 - Monetary policy
Define the term demand side policy,
What are the two demand side poli...,
What is monetary policy
29  cards
Macro 10 - Fiscal policy
What is public expenditure,
What are the three main reasons f...,
What are some of the factors that...
34  cards
Macro 11 - Supply Side Policies
What are supply side policies,
What do supply side policies aim ...,
What is the ultimate goal of supp...
4  cards

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