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✅1 - Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
What are the subatomic particles ...,
What is the relative charge of a ...,
What is the relative charge of a ...
58  cards
✅2 - Bonding and Structure
What is ionic bonding,
What effects does ionic radius ha...,
What effects do charges have on i...
68  cards
✅3 - Redox I
What is a redox reaction,
What is an oxoanion,
What is a half equation
21  cards
✅4 - Inorganic Chemistry and the Period Table
How does ionisation energy change...,
Why does ionisation energy decrea...,
How does reactivity change down g...
86  cards
✅5 - Formulae, Equations and Amounts of Substance
What are amounts of substance mea...,
What does one mole contain,
What is the relative atom mass
53  cards
✅6 - Organic Chemistry I
What is a functional group,
What is a hydrocarbon,
What is a homologous series
110  cards
✅7 - Modern Analytical Techniques I
What is mass spectrometry used for,
What is the molecular ion m,
What is the molecular ion peak
20  cards
✅8 - Energetics I
What is enthalpy change,
What are the units for enthalpy c...,
What are the standard conditions
26  cards
✅9 - Kinetics I
What is collision theory,
What are the criteria for particl...,
What is activation energy
30  cards
✅10 - Equilibrium I
What can reversible reactions reach,
As the reactants are used up what...,
When is dynamic equilibrium achieved
34  cards
✅11 - Equilibrim II
What is kc,
What is kc calculated from,
What is kc a constant for
30  cards
✅12 - Acid Base Equilibria
What is a bronsted lowry acid,
What is a bronsted lowry base,
What is a conjugate acid
59  cards
✅13 - Energetics II
What is standard lattice energy,
What is the equation for standard...,
What are the factors affecting th...
66  cards
✅14 - Redox II
What is oxidation in terms of ele...,
What is reduction in terms of ele...,
What is oxidation in terms of oxi...
62  cards
✅15 - Transition Metals
Where are transition metals found...,
What are transition metals,
Which d block period 4 elements a...
108  cards
✅16 - Kinetics II
What does rate of reaction tell you,
How is rate calculated,
How can rate of reaction be deter...
61  cards
✅17 - Organic Chemistry II
What type of isomerism is optical...,
What are structural isomers,
What are functional group isomers
99  cards
✅18 - Organic Chemistry III
What are aromatic compounds,
What are aliphatic compounds,
What is benzene described as
89  cards
✅19 - Modern Analytical Techniques II
What is formed in a mass spectrom...,
How is a molecular ion formed,
What is the m z value
46  cards
Exam Questions
Phosphorus iii chloride molecules...,
Calcium nitrate decomposes in a s...,
Explain why boiling temperatures ...
8  cards

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