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Gender & culture
What are the definitions of gende...,
What is the essay plan for the ge...,
How is whether a behaviour is uni...
13  cards
Define reductionism,
Define holism 2 points,
What is the essay plan for the re...
15  cards
How has the ethics of psychologic...,
What are the 4 ethical principles...,
What is the essay plan for the et...
16  cards
Nature v nurture
Define nature,
Define nurture 2 points,
What is an interactionist approach
17  cards
What is the essay plan for your a...,
How does rct support social psych...
11  cards
Decades (Time)
How has psychology changed over t...,
To what extent have the different...,
How has biological and clinical p...
16  cards
Ecological validity (Practical issues)
What are practical issues,
What are the 3 practical issues i...,
How are procedures significant to...
15  cards
What 2 scientific ideas did karl ...,
What is the scientific approach,
What is the essay plan for the sc...
17  cards
Social control (20 marker)
Define social control,
What is positive social control 3...,
What is negative social control 2...
15  cards
Socially sensitive research
What is socially sensitive research,
What is sieber and stanley s sign...,
What are the 3 levels of implicat...
13  cards
What is the social approach,
How can social psychology be used...,
What is the cognitive approach
9  cards
What is the social approach,
How can social psychology be used...,
What is the cognitive approach
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