a level psychology (as edexcel)

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Laney - asparagus
What is the aim in experiment 1,
What are the questionnaires being...,
Describe food history inventory fhi
37  cards
****Ethical Guidelines
Informed consent,
Protection from harm
27  cards
****Evaluation Paper 2
Strength of using a random sample,
Weakness of using a random sampling,
Strength of using an opportunity ...
50  cards
****Variables, Reliability, Validity
What affects ecological validity,
Measure the size of head to deter...,
How to test for reliability
6  cards
Shared intentionality,
Empirical evidence
35  cards
What is the background of the study,
What is the aim of the study,
What is the iv
41  cards
What is theory of mind,
Autistic spectrum disorder asd,
High functioning autism
27  cards
Diffusion of responsibility,
Pluralistic ignorance,
Give 4 situational factors which ...
41  cards
What is the aim of the study,
What is the method,
What is the experimental design
31  cards
Intro biological approach
What are the four assumptions of ...,
Method of investigation,
Strength of the approach
4  cards
Dement & Kleitman
Rem sleep,
N rem sleep,
40  cards
Define social learning theory,
What is the background of the study,
Why was the study carried out
36  cards
Schachter and Singer
Two factor theory of emotion,
Epinephrine adrenaline,
55  cards
****Research methods
Bar chart,
Case study
71  cards
Saavedra and Silverman
Classical conditioning,
Evaluative learning
32  cards
Canli et al
What is the background of the study,
Why did the previous study sugges...,
What are the problems with previo...
21  cards
Continuous reinforcement,
M r approach,
Category label
44  cards

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a level psychology (as edexcel)

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