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edexcel a-level social psychology

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Milgram's studies
What were the aims of milgram s 1...,
What sampling method did milgram ...,
Describe the sample for milgram s...
44  cards
Agency Theory
What is the agency theory,
What are the two social states th...,
What is the autonomous state
11  cards
Social Impact Theory
Who proposed the social impact th...,
What is social impact theory,
What did latane propose with soci...
14  cards
Factors Affecting Obedience
What are the 3 main factors that ...,
What individual differences relat...,
What is empathic concern
21  cards
Sherif et al - Robber's Cave Study
What were the aims of sherif et a...,
Describe the sample of sherif et ...,
What were the boys screened for b...
20  cards
Social Identity Theory
Who proposed social identity theory,
What does social identity theory ...,
What are the 3 processes in socia...
12  cards
Realistic Conflict Theory
What did realistic conflict theor...,
What did rct says created conflict,
What is a negative interdependenc...
9  cards
Reicher and Haslam Study
What are the aims of richler and ...,
What is the contemporary study fo...,
What sampling method was used for...
25  cards
Factors Affecting Prejudice
What are the big 5 personality va...,
How does conscientiousness affect...,
How does agreeableness affect pre...
12  cards
Key Question
What is the key question,
Define hate crime,
What is brexit
7  cards
Social Research Methods
0  cards
Sampling Methods
What is random sampling,
Strengths of random sampling,
Weaknesses of random sampling
12  cards
Miscellaneous Definitions
Define stereotype,
Define prejudice,
Define discrimination
3  cards

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edexcel a-level social psychology

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