edexcel business studies (theme 1)

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Chapter 1- The Market
Consumer goods,
Service markets
21  cards
Chapter 2- Market Research
Market orientation,
Market research,
Consumer panels
16  cards
Chapter 3- Market Positioning
Market positioning,
Consumer product categories,
Approaches a business may use to ...
18  cards
Chapter 4- Demand
Complementary goods,
Demand definition
15  cards
Chapter 5- Supply
Supply curve
13  cards
Chapter 6- Markets
Equilibrium price,
Changes in supply and demand toge...,
5  cards
Chapter 7- Price Elasticity of Demand
Elasticity of demand,
Whether it is price elastic or pr...,
Factors influencing price elastic...
3  cards
Chapter 8- Income Elasticity of Demand
Income elasticity of demand,
Two factors that influence the in...,
The significance of income elasti...
4  cards
Chapter 9- Product/Service Design
12  cards
Chapter 10- Branding and Promotion
What is branding,
Above the line promotion,
Below the line promotion
16  cards
Chapter 11- Pricing Strategies
Pricing strategy,
Cost plus pricing,
Mark up
18  cards
Chapter 12- Distribution
Distribution channel,
Direct selling
17  cards
Chapter 13- Marketing Strategy
Product life cycle,
Product development,
20  cards
Chapter 14- Approaches to Staffing
Collective bargaining,
Flexible workforce,
Pros of a flexible workforce
12  cards
Chapter 15- Recruitment, Selection and Training
Why might a business need new staff,
Person specification
22  cards
Chapter 16- Organisational Design
The organisational structure of t...,
Importance of structure,
19  cards
Chapter 17- Motivation in Theory and Practice
Advantages of a well motivated wo...,
18  cards
Chapter 18- Leadership
Autocratic leadership
11  cards
Chapter 19- Role of an Entrepreneur
What makes a good entrepreneur,
Running and expanding a business
8  cards
Chapter 20- Entrepreneurial Motives and Characteristics
Characteristics of an entrepreneur,
Skills required,
Financial motives for setting up ...
4  cards
Chapter 21- Business Objectives
Sales maximisation
11  cards
Chapter 22- Forms of Business 1
Sole trader,
Sole trader advantages,
Sold trader disadvantages
33  cards
Chapter 23- Forms of Business 2
Public limited company,
Public limited company advantages,
Public limited company disadvantages
6  cards
Chapter 24- Business Choices
Opportunity cost
1  cards
Chapter 25- Moving from Entrepreneur to Leader
Moving from entrepreneur to leader,
Difficulties moving to a leader,
Overcoming difficulties
3  cards

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edexcel business studies (theme 1)

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