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edexcel gcse biology (9-1)

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Decks in this class (11)

SB1 - Key Concepts in Biology ✓
Sb1a how do you calculate actual ...,
Sb1a how do you calculate total m...,
Sb1a list 3 differences between l...
32  cards
SB2 - Cells and Controls ✓
Sb2a how are tumors formed,
Sb2a how many types of chromosone...,
Sb2a mitosis
46  cards
SB3 - Genetics ✓
Sb3a how may a plant such as a st...,
Sb3a in what scenario would an ap...,
Sb3a what are the advantages and ...
46  cards
SB4 - Natural Selection and Genetic Modification ✓
Sb4a how do fossil remains provid...,
Sb4a how do stone tools provide e...,
Sb4a name the species of human in...
30  cards
SB5 - Health, Disease and the Development of Medicine ✓
Sb5a what are the three type of h...,
Sb5a what is the difference betwe...,
Sb5a why may a person be more lik...
50  cards
SB6 - Plant Structures and their Functions ✓
Sb6a how are leaves adapted for t...,
Sb6a what does photosynthesis do,
Sb6a what is a plants biomass
40  cards
SB7 - Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis ✓
Sb7a what are hormones,
Sb7a where are hormones released ...,
Sb7a where do hormones go to give...
49  cards
SB8 - Exchange and Transport in Animals
Sb8a what are all the chemical re...,
Sb8a what must happen to waste pr...,
Sb8a what are some examples of wa...
55  cards
SB9 - Ecosystems and Material Cycles ✓
Sb9a define an ecosystem,
Sb9a define a community,
Sb9a define a population
55  cards
Paper 2 Collection
Sb6a what is the equation for pho...,
Sb6a what is the equation for res...,
Sb6a what does photosynthesis do
196  cards
Paper 1
Sb1a how do you calculate actual ...,
Sb1a how do you calculate total m...,
Sb1a list 3 differences between l...
193  cards

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edexcel gcse biology (9-1)

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