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Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Description of an elements in ter...,
36  cards
The Periodic Table - Topic 1
What is the periodic table,
How many elements occur naturally,
How are elements represented
55  cards
Atomic Structure - Topic 1
Describe the structure of an atom,
What are the two main parts of an...,
How are protons neutrons and elec...
48  cards
Types of Substance - Topic 1
Describe the appearance of metals,
Describe the melting and boiling ...,
Describe the strength of metals
124  cards
Ionic Bonding - Topic 1
Describe ionic bonds and hoy they...,
Two types of compounds
14  cards
Covalent Bonding - Topic 1
Describe covalent bonds and how t...,
What does covalent bonding result in,
14  cards
Calculations Involving Masses - Topic 1
Method to determine the water of ...,
Results for determining the water...,
What numbers do you not use to ca...
32  cards
States of Matter - Topic 2
Description for solids,
How much e do liquids have compar...,
Describe the movement of solid pa...
56  cards
Methods of Purifying and Separating Substances - Topic 2
What is the difference between th...,
What is the difference between a ...,
What are all the different ways t...
82  cards
Acids - Topic 3
158  cards
Electrolysis Processes - Topic 3
What is the movement of ions like...,
What is oxidation in terms of ele...,
What is reduction in terms of ele...
36  cards
Obtaining and Using Metals - Topic 4
Important uses of metals,
Difference between rusting and co...,
What should you react metals that...
75  cards
Reversible Equations and Equilibria - Topic 4
What are chemical reactions,
How can copper sulphate be used t...,
Dynamic equilibrium
21  cards
Transition Metals, Alloys And Corrosion - Topic 5
What are most metals,
Physical properties of transition...,
What does a catalyst do
67  cards
Chemical Cells and Fuel Cells - Topic 5
What does a chemical cell do,
Fuel cell,
What happens in a hydrogen oxygen...
14  cards
Dynamic Equilibria - Topic 5
Haber process,
Enthalpy change,
How does temperature affect the r...
41  cards
Quantitative Analysis - Topic 5
How do you calculate percentage y...,
What does the yield compare,
What is the actual yield usually ...
22  cards
Group 1 - Topic 6
Explain why some elements can be ...,
What is the hardness of group 1 m...,
What is the density of group 1 me...
23  cards
Group 7 - Topic 6
Name of group 7 elements,
List all the group 7 elements,
Symbol for fluorine
54  cards
Group 8/0 - Topic 6
Why are noble gases chemically inert,
Symbol for helium,
Electronic configuration of helium
26  cards
Rates of Reaction - Topic 7
In a chemical reaction what do th...,
Two general ways of measuring the...,
General equation for calculation ...
51  cards
Energy Changes - Topic 7
Which changes do changes in heat ...,
Exothermic reaction,
Endothermic reaction
22  cards
Fuels - Topic 8
What is crude oil,
Explain the change in boiling poi...
47  cards
Earth and Atmospheric Science - Topic 8
What is thought to have formed th...,
When was the earth thought to hav...,
What was the earth s early atmosp...
59  cards
Qualitative Analysis: Tests for Ions - Topic 9
Why must the test for any ion be ...,
What are flame tests used to test...,
How do you carry out a flame test
31  cards
Hydrocarbons - Topic 9
What are the first 4 alkanes,
What is the general formula of al...,
Why are alkanes saturated hydroca...
20  cards
Polymers - Topic 9
General equation for polymerisation
34  cards
Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids - Topic 9
What is the general formula for a...,
Are alcohols hydrocarbons,
What is the functional group of a...
46  cards
Bulk and Surface Properties of Matter Including Nanoparticles - Topic 9
What is a nanometre,
What is the size of a nanometre i...,
What is the size of a nanometre i...
25  cards

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