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Topic 2 Structure and bonding
1 what can link two atoms together,
2 which group of elements is stab...,
3 how is an element s electron ar...
60  cards
Topic 1 Structure of atom and Periodic Table
1 what a is all matter made of,
2 which scientist first came up w...,
3 how did dalton describe atoms
60  cards
Topic 3 States of matter separating and purifying
1 what are the three states of ma...,
2 in which state are the particle...,
3 in which state do particles mov...
60  cards
Topic 4 Acids and alkalis
1 what term describes a substance...,
2 name an acidic solution found i...,
3 name an alkaline solution used ...
70  cards
Topic 5b Transition metals and alloys
1 which are usually good conducto...,
2 what can you say about the melt...,
3 are most metals shiny or dull w...
50  cards
Topic 6 Quantitative analysis, equilibrium, fuel cells
1 what is the relative formula ma...,
2 what is the relative formula ma...,
3 what is the relative formula ma...
80  cards
Topic 7 Groups rates and energy
1 what do atoms of the same eleme...,
2 roughly how many elements are f...,
3 in what order are elements arra...
90  cards
Topic 8 Fuels and Earth science
1 what are the chemical symbols f...,
2 what type of bond ionic metalli...,
3 what state solid liquid or gas ...
100  cards
Topic 9 Organic chemistry
1 what two elements are found in ...,
2 most hydrocarbons contain a cha...,
3 these chains of atoms are linke...
90  cards
Topic 10 Qualitative and materials
1 to which group in the periodic ...,
2 to get a hot blue bunsen burner...,
3 what is the formula for a calci...
60  cards
Topic 5a Mass calculations, electrolysis, extraction of metals and equilibria
1 what is the formula of water,
2 what is the formula of sodium c...,
3 what is the formula of carbon d...
110  cards
Ions and ionic compounds
What is the formula of a hydrogen...,
What is the formula of a hydroxid...,
What is the formula of a sulphate...
47  cards
Topic 7i Groups in the Periodic Table
0  cards
Common substances at GCSE
What is the formula and state sym...,
What is the formula and state sym...,
What is the test for hydrogen gas...
16  cards

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