edexcel gcse history (9-1) weimar and nazi germany

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Early stages if the Weimar Republic
What effects did the ww1 have in ...,
When was the abdication of the ka...,
Who was philip scheidemann
8  cards
Setting up the Weimar Republic
How did ebert use the army to hel...,
How did ebert ensure the state wo...,
How did ebert reassure leaders of...
4  cards
Early challenges to the Republic
Who signed the armistice,
Why was the treaty unpopular with...,
What is another reason why german...
33  cards
The recovery of the Republic
What did steersman set up,
What currency was issued in the r...,
How did the new currency give val...
19  cards
Changes in Society
How did the weimar republic stren...,
Why did the government give women...,
Explain how women were not treate...
9  cards
Early Development of the Nazi Party
What did the dap strongly oppose of,
What did the dap stand for,
What did the twenty five point pr...
26  cards
Party Reorganisation
What did hitler introduce to appe...,
How did hitler reorganise the party,
What was a gauleiter
9  cards
Growth in Nazi Support (Wall Street Crash)
What is the wall street crash,
What were the economic effects of...,
Why did the wall street crash cau...
18  cards
How Hitler became Chancellor?
What year did von paper become ch...,
Why did chancellor bruning resign,
Why was von papen sacked
9  cards
The creation of a Dictatorship
Why was hilter s power limited in...,
Who was guilty of the reichstag fire,
What party was marins van der lob...
19  cards
The Police State
Wha was the police state,
What were the main organisations ...,
Who was the leader of the ss
13  cards
Controlling and influencing attitudes
Explain how nazi teachings and ca...,
What is a concordat,
What did hitler and pope come to ...
23  cards
Opposition, Resistance and conformity
Why was there very little resista...,
How did the nazis try to control ...,
What was the pastor s emergency l...
14  cards
Nazi Policies towards women
What were nazi views on women and...,
What was the aim of the reichs wo...,
What was the german women s enter...
13  cards
Nazi Policies towards the young
What were the aims of the nazi po...,
How did hitler put pressure on yo...,
What was the hitler youth
12  cards
The persecution of minorities
Define the eugenics,
What was racial hygiene,
What were hitler s racial views
8  cards
Employment and living standards
How many germans were unemployed ...,
Why was reducing unemployment imp...,
What was the labour service
10  cards

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edexcel gcse history (9-1) weimar and nazi germany

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